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New Features In April

⭐ Feature Highlight Of April ⭐

Voice reminders

Communications is a core 10to8 appointment scheduling software feature, and our customers rely on them to reduce no-shows and to engage with their customers.

Last month we released the feature that allows you to set up service-specific booking notifications. This month we have added voice reminders (to help our customers schedule automated voice reminders to avoid the hassle of calling the customers who prefer that) in addition to already available email and SMS reminders. You can also customize the content of voice reminders on a per-service basis which means more personalized communications.
10to8 appointment scheduling software voice reminders

This feature is available on the Bigger Business Plan and above.


Preview your notification email while editing it

At 10to8, we witness every day, how well-scheduled and nicely laid out communications can reduce no-shows and miscommunications.
10to8 appointment scheduling software email reminder preview

Of course, on the Grow Plan and above you can edit the booking confirmation, cancellation, and reminder email messages, and now you can also see how they appear for the customers! You’ll see a preview of the message on the right-hand side of your screen. Check it out under ‘Messaging’ -> ‘Customer Preferences’.

You can also benefit from advanced styling by using markdown.
10to8 appointment scheduling software markdown formatting

Improved Online Booking page

At 10to8, we want to make the setup of the online booking page easy and quick for you so you can focus on your business.

We have simplified how you can update your business logo, header images, business description and services, all in one place. Go to ‘Online Booking’ and choose ‘Booking Page’ from the menu.  You can also add services, update their name, duration & payment option, as well as delete them.
10to8 appointment scheduling software online booking page

Now you don’t have to navigate back and forth between different tabs to fully set up your online booking page. Isn’t that cool?


Social media handles on your online booking page

Social media presence is very important for success in business, so your social media handles should really appear on your booking page, so when somebody books a slot, they can check out your social activity too.

10to8 appointment scheduling software online booking page

Now you can add your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn handles to your online booking page. Furthermore, you can promote your social media presence straight from your online booking page, and drive new followers to your social profiles.

10to8 appointment scheduling software social media handle

What’s more, now you can easily share the link to your booking page straight from your 10to8 account in the form of a Facebook post or a tweet on Twitter. (and if you tag us in the post, we’ll show you some love on social media.) Simply head to ‘Online Booking’, then click ‘Booking Page’ here you can either copy the URL or share directly on Twitter or Facebook.


Filter customers with upcoming appointments

Has it ever happened to you that you accidentally deleted a customer with an upcoming appointment? Or have you ever wanted to see only customers with upcoming appointments to get an idea of how booked you are?

10to8 appointment scheduling software filter customers

Here you go! We have added this filter option for you on the ‘Customer’ page.


Always there to help

We understand how important it is to fully understand how 10to8 appointment scheduling software works in order to tweak and make the most of your account. We have added help throughout 10to8 to answer your questions.
10to8 appointment scheduling software get help

Look for the ‘?’ icons in the product, to find very specific answers to your very specific questions. The support article will open right next to the page you are on, so you can read support articles without leaving the page.


Which are your favorite features this month? Also, what other features would you like 10to8 to have? Let us know in the comment section!

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Megha is a Software Engineer at 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software with 9 years of industrial experience. She has joined the 10to8 team in 2019 and she is contributing to the development and evolution of the product.

Megha Maheshwari

Software Engineer, 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

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