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New Features In August | 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

This month we’ve released a number of great features: Click To Tweet
  1. You can now style your Online Booking Widget, so that it fits better into your site.
  2. We have made it easier to host your 10to8 Booking Page on your own domain
  3. Your clients will now receive robo-calls, if we are unable to deliver SMS to them (US only)
  4. You can now specify where you work each day of the week, instead of having a single set of working hours (contact us if you want this enabled on your account)
Without further ado, here are more details!  

Styled Booking Widgets

You can now selected background and foreground colors for your Online Booking Widget, so that it fits more naturally into the design of your website. If you have an image as the background to your website, you can also select to make the booking widget transparent, so that it fits in perfectly. appointment scheduling software booking widget blueappointment scheduling software booking widget yellow


Custom Domain Bookings Widgets

If you own a domain, say, it is now possible to set up a subdomain on your site, say, which will show your 10to8 Booking Page, including all your branding, services and other customization. Setting this up has always been more complicated than our other booking options, but we have now improved the process so that it should be significantly more straightforward.  


10to8 sends thousands of messages every day on behalf of our clients, in order to keep client and business on the same page about their appointments, and to minimize the chance of no-shows. Until now, 10to8 appointment scheduling software has used exclusively SMS and email to contact clients. However, not everyone has easy access to these forms of communications. Therefore, if we attempt to send an SMS, and then receive an SMS delivery error, we fall back on a Robo-voice that reads out the message instead. It will even leave a voicemail if the customer does not answer. This will help 10to8 get in touch with your customers, even if you only have a landline number for them that doesn’t support SMS. This is still under development, but is now live in the US. We will be adding options to the product to allow you to configure its behaviour in the coming weeks.  

Multi-location Availability

This feature is not active on most accounts yet – we are rolling it out gradually. Please contact us if you are interested in activating it now. This feature is only available for users on the Grow Plan or above. 10to8 scheduling tool now supports setting availability for individual members of staff in different locations on different days. For businesses with multiple locations, this is often a deal breaker. If you have a member of staff called Alice, who works in your main office on Mondays, then works in a regional office on Tuesdays, then works from home but takes phone calls on Wednesdays, you can set this up within 10to8. The working hours are individual to each member of staff. So you can also set up Bob to work from home on Mondays, in the main office on Tuesdays and in a regional office on Wednesdays. If you try to book a member of staff in the wrong location, you will get a warning. If your clients book online, they will only be able to book staff in to the location where they are working. Remember, 10to8 supports a “Online/Phone” location, which you can use for when you take phone calls. Finally, the hours you set up can overlap. You might be available in a branch office all day on Mondays for in person meetings, but also available for phone calls on Monday afternoon. The system will offer slots with you for online booking to your clients, while still making sure that you are never double booked.
  We hope you’ll find these new features helpful and next month we are releasing some others. If you are not using 10to8 appointment scheduling software yet, you can sign up here.

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Richard is the MD and a director of 10to8, responsible for day to day running of the company. He has been with 10to8 for 4 years, joining after completing a PhD at Oxford. Richard previously worked in the City, and at several technology companies and startups.

Richard Hills

Managing Director, 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

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