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New Features In November | 10to8

This month sees a variety of new features across the product – here are a few highlights.

Add your Google Analytics Tracking Code to your booking page

You can now add your Google Analytics tracking code to your booking page.

You can now add your Google Analytics tracking code to your booking page. Click To Tweet

  • Previously you would need to contact us at to get your tracking code set up on your booking page. You can now do this from within the product.

10to8 appointment scheduling software google analytics


Private File Attachments

You can now add private file attachments to bookings:

10to8 appointment scheduling software file attachemnt


Delete Customer Imports

If you’ve made a mistake whilst uploading customer records, you can now undo your customer upload. For example, if you’ve accidentally uploaded your customer records twice, you can remove one set by deleting them.

Warning: this will delete all customers that were imported as a result of the chosen upload, including any appointments associated with those customers. Use with caution!

10to8 appointment scheduling software delete customer imports


Online Booking: Staff Selection By Customer

You can now opt to force your customer to explicitly choose a staff member whilst booking a particular service.

  • Under Set up > Services, open your specific service, and under Staff selection by customer, pick the option  ‘Force customer to choose’
  • This will remove the ‘No preference’ option from the online booking page for this service.

10to8 appointment scheduling software staff selection by customer

Staff Availability Across Multiple 10to8 Accounts

For enterprise customers with staff members belonging to multiple 10to8 accounts, you can now opt for the availability of your staff to apply across all of your accounts.

Let’s consider our fictional example of Harry’s Hair Care and Grooming:

  • Imagine we have two branches, one in Westminster, one in Shoreditch, each treated as a separate business with a different 10to8 account.
  • Jo works in both branches, and has a single 10to8 login that she uses with both.
  • Whenever Jo is booked for an appointment at one branch, by default she won’t be marked as busy in the calendar for the other branch, as they are two separate 10to8 accounts.
  • Jo can opt in to this new feature that shares her availability between the different businesses she belongs to. So when she is booked for an appointment at one branch, she’ll be marked as busy in the other branch.

If you’re interested in enabling this feature, please get in touch at to proceed further.


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Simon is a Senior Software Engineer at 10to8, with over a decade’s worth of industrial experience. Since joining the engineering team in 2017, he has contributed to the development and evolution of the product.

Simon Chan

Senior Software Engineer, 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

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