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New Features In October | 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

Here are some of the improvements we released over the past month, discover the brand new features of 10to8 appointment scheduling software. Enjoy!

iPhone product improvements

We have recently made a number of improvements to make our iPhone web app as responsive and powerful as our Android and PC offerings.

Firstly, we’ve improved the speed of the product. Opening a booking, and moving between pages are now much faster than previously. Opening 10to8 for the first time in the day is also much faster, thanks to improvements to how we store data on the device.

Secondly, we have improved the “Add to Home Screen” option, so that when you open 10to8 from your home screen, the address bar is hidden and you can’t accidentally swipe the page backwards. It looks and feels just like a native app. Now you only need to re-add 10to8 to your homepage. For instructions on setting this up, check out our support material.

Finally, we fixed some glitches with how the keyboard appears when you are making a booking, which would sometimes cause the staff or location fields to scroll off the screen. These are actually bugs in iOS itself, but we have changed the behavior of our product in subtle ways so that these bugs don’t appear.

There is more to do – please reach out if you are an iPhone user and let us know how you get on.


Reordering services on your booking page

10to8 free booking system now allows you to choose what order your services appear on your booking pages and booking widgets. You can put “Initial Consultation” at the top of the list for new customers, above more bespoke services.

10to8 free booking system now allows you to choose what order your services appear on your booking pages and booking widgets. Click To Tweet

To do this, visit Online Booking > Booking Page within the product and scroll to Reordering Services. You can use the white on blue arrows on the far right to swap services over. Your changes will be shown in the preview that is further down the page.

appointment scheduling software reordering services


Improved communications

We released a new page where you can configure your client message settings.

On this page, you can now easily set global settings, like always-send-SMS, never-send-email for example. You can also select to override those global settings for particular services.

appointment scheduling software comms


This page is currently only available to new accounts, but if you would like to have access to it on an older account, please reach out to

At 10to8 appointment scheduling software we are always open to suggestions, so if you have an idea please do let us know.

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Richard is the MD and a director of 10to8, responsible for day to day running of the company. He has been with 10to8 for 4 years, joining after completing a PhD at Oxford. Richard previously worked in the City, and at several technology companies and startups.

Richard Hills

Managing Director, 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

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