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New Features in June | 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

In the past few weeks, we have released a number of product improvements to help your business become compliant with the GDPR. Click To Tweet

These features make it easier for you to respect the Right to be Informed, the Right of Access, the Right of Erasure and all the other rights that were created by the new regulations.

But always remember – tools alone do not make a business compliant. Best practices and processes are also necessary to respect the new law.

Without further ado, here are the highlights!

  1. 10to8’s booking pages now automatically ask your clients for consent to contact them when they book with you online.
  2. For bookings you take in person or over the phone, you can also manually record when your clients consent to being contacted.
  3. You can now permanently delete customers, either individually or in bulk, to ensure the Right of Erasure.
  4. You can run a “soft opt-in” email campaign for old customers, allowing you to secure new consent to contact them.
  5. Your clients can manage their consent online without having to contact you, including withdrawing consent as required under GDPR.
  6. You can now search for and identify customers that you have not seen recently, so that you can delete their data to ensure Data Minimization, or request fresh consent to contact them
  7. You can now export all data on a customer from 10to8 in a plain Excel file, so that you can satisfy the Right of Access and Right to data Portability.

This is only the beginning. More will follow as GDPR matures over time and new conventions develop. 10to8 will continue to develop to help you and your business remain compliant.


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Richard is the MD and a director of 10to8, responsible for day to day running of the company. He has been with 10to8 for 4 years, joining after completing a PhD at Oxford. Richard previously worked in the City, and at several technology companies and startups.

Richard Hills

Managing Director, 10to8 Appointment Scheduling Software

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