#NoMoreNoShows Resources

Free resources for eliminating appointment no-shows in your business.

All about appointment no-shows

Read our articles about the impact of no-shows, share them with your customers to educate them on the harm missed appointments are causing your business. Discover useful and actionable tips and tools for reducing no-shows.

#NoMoreNoShows resources | Free templates

Download, customize, and share these templates with your customers to say goodbye to appointment no-shows once and for all.

#NoMoreNoShows social media templates

Find designs that you can use on social media to raise awareness about the damage appointment no-shows cost. Utilize this content to educate customers and ask their help on the cause.

You will find: graphics to spread the word about the #NoMoreNoShows campaign, no-show cost banners, and guides for customers.

When sharing this content on social media, don’t forget to use the #NoMoreNoShows hashtag to support the campaign and spread the word. Be part of the change!

#NoMoreNoShows reminder templates

Automated appointment reminders are proven to reduce no-shows by up to 90%. We have found that sending out two SMS reminders prior to the booking is the most effective in eliminating missed appointments and last-minute cancellations.

Download our prewritten, tried and tested SMS and email reminder templates, use them as you feel fit, and watch your no-show rates drop to the ground.

If you are not using reminders yet, you can create a free 10to8 appointment reminder system account here.

#NoMoreNoShows resources | Free reminder app

Are you struggling with appointment no-shows? Why not try 10to8 for free?

Create a free 10to8 reminder software account, set up automated SMS and email messages, and reduce missed bookings and last-minute cancellations by up to 90%. Track whether your reminders are being read, spot potential missed bookings, and act on them.

About the #NoMoreNoShows campaign

A new campaign has been launched in Greater Manchester to ‘stop the devastating effects of no shows’ on the hospitality industry. Abi Dunn of hospitality recruitment business Sixty Eight People and Antonia Lallement from Gusto Italian launched the #NoMoreNoShows campaign. The initiative aims to create awareness around the ‘no show’ issue among consumers.

No-shows, however, cause serious harm in other industries that have been deeply disrupted by the global pandemic and the related lockdowns. Beauty salons, spas, medical clinics, non-essential retail are all suffering from post-lockdown no-show increase.

At 10to8, we are joining the #NoMoreNoShows campaign to help businesses educate their customers in a positive but effective way about the impact of missed bookings and last-minute cancellations. We have significant knowledge about no-shows and have done much research on how to eliminate them. Now we are sharing all our resources with the goal to empower businesses to get rid of costly no-shows once and for all.

Please spread the word about the campaign and be part of the change!