Piano Tuner Uses 10to8 to Automate Appointment Reminders

Automating My Piano Tuning Appointments Changed My Business

nigelNigel Donovan has recently started using 10to8 – an online scheduling and booking system – to automatically send customers reminders about upcoming appointments. Nigel has seen a significant decrease in no-shows and has a more professional image. Read about the bigger impact on his business in this short interview:

10to8: Tell us about your business and how you’re using 10to8?

Nigel: I’m a piano tuner and most of my customers come through recommendations or my website. Customers contact me at any time of day over text, email or phone. It’s really easy to just log into 10to8 and book a time in the calendar, which triggers an email or text confirmation to them. It’s made my life easier because I know the customer has a record of the appointment. Customers can be busy and can forget – now I ask for their mobile number and email and the 10to8 system sends reminders 2 days and an hour before their appointment.

I no longer travel for nothing, sitting in front of a customer’s door wondering where they are. It makes a big impact on your revenue, your mood and your relationship with customers.

10to8: What’s the impact been on your business?

Nigel:I get many comments saying how they appreciate the reminders and how impressed they are with the system. As well as reminders, I send an email or text confirmation and they like that.

10to8: Any tips on how to get the most out of the 10to8 software?

Nigel: The main thing is to rely on it totally – don’t just dip your toe in. At first, I used iCal and 10to8, then once I felt comfortable I switched completely and things really started to move. Spend time learning how to use it fully. There are features available which I haven’t used yet such as allowing regular customers to book directly into your calendar – this can really cut down on time spent on admin.

10to8: What would you say to piano tuners and others like you who are thinking about using 10to8?

Nigel: It creates a professional image and makes you look like you know what you’re doing. Booking  weeks or months in advance with professional email and text reminders saves a lot of no-shows.. As I said before, just dive in and switch completely. I know it’s probably easier to stick with your tried and tested method, even sending out postcards, but my experience has been very favourable. Hospital, doctor, and dentist appointments mostly send reminders by text or email so customers can expect and appreciate  the same professional service from their piano tuner. I’d say it’s well worth the effort of learning to use a new system to update your image.

10to8: How’s 10to8 been treating you since you switched?

Nigel: Very well – I’m impressed! Support is free, they help you get set up and the response is usually very quick.

Interested? Sign up for a free trial  at https://10to8.com/trial.