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Coordinating medical appointments between a private consultant, secretary and a patient can be time consuming, costly and inefficient. Especially if others also need to know: such as the clinic, an insurance company and the GP. How often does this process go wrong and need to be repeated?

10to8, the online booking system, streamlines this whole process, making it easier for patients, consultants, clinics and secretaries. It is a secure, highly professional solution, designed with consultants and secretaries to eliminate errors and save time.

Each party always has the same, up-to-date information about the appointment.

Any changes to appointments are instantly communicated to all parties. You can grant limited or full access to your schedule for third parties, such as clinics.


10to8 makes you aware if patients have forgotten their appointment or if there is any doubt over whether they will attend, in sufficient time that your secretary can fill the gaps. It uses unique interactive messages to make sure your patients turn up. Communications are automatic and instant, keeping you and your patients on the same page. Our customers have seen DNA’s and last-minute cancellations drop by over 90%.

Professional 2-way reminders help your patients remember their bookings. It's quick and simple to suggest appointment changes to your patients.

Know about potential problems in advance, with enough time to prevent them.


10to8 gives you an instant online profile, so patients can easily see what services you offer and request to book. You can take bookings from your website or from your 10to8 profile page. You can even add ‘book now’ buttons to your newsletter or email signature.

It’s simple to set up or change, and you have full control over what you decide to allow patients to book.

Extend your effective reception hours by being bookable 24/7.

Patients can book with you straight from their smart phone.

Interested in using 10to8 for your practice?

With 10to8, you can...

  • Keep your data safe with the highest industry standard of encryption for all web communication, and continuous backups.
  • Access it anywhere by logging in through an internet browser. It’s always up to date and there’s an app for the consultant or secretary to manage your schedule on the move.
  • Fine tune it to suit your needs, whatever the set-up of your practice and clinics.
  • Stay informed with a full automatic log of who has done what and when.
  • Help your patients with an iPhone app and online log-in for them to see the details of their appointments and request bookings.
  • Setup easily without installing anything. You can migrate from your existing systems using our data import tool.