Telemedicine Appointment Scheduling

Make video & phone appointments happen.

Telemedicine Appointment Scheduling

Make video & phone appointments happen.

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Telemedicine Appointment Booking System

Arrange video and phone appointments for your clinic with 10to8 and rest assured that Healthcare Professionals and patients alike will be on the call at the right time.

10to8 seamlessly integrates with Zoom Video Conferencing, so you can book GP appointments, physiotherapy sessions and other types of medical appointments with ease. Each telemedicine appointment will have its own meeting link, so you can rest assured that only invited attendees can join the call

10to8 offers all the tools you need for HIPAA, as well as other security features to keep Protected Health Information safe.For example, you can set up different permission levels for staff so they have minimum access to healthcare data.

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Schedule Video & Phone Appointments With Patients

10to8 facilitates telemedicine appointments; it allows patients to book online via your website or you can send a private booking link of a service or a doctor via email.

Our automated SMS, Email, and voice reminders are proven to reduce no-shows by up to 90% and they make it easy for doctors and patients to join a video meeting. If you opt for phone calls, your doctors can see the patient details, such as phone number, name, and notes on the appointment.

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Appointment Scheduling With HIPAA

10to8 is fully HIPAA compliant. We also provide security tools to help you schedule medical appointments in a compliant way. Please note that you need a signed BAA, between your organization and 10to8, before storing PHI (medical data) in 10to8. Click below to find out more.

10to8 makes virtual appointments happen...

Schedule and run virtual appointments smoothly with 10to8 and make your business fully remote!

Our free Zoom integration enables you to host video appointments of all kinds, be it internal staff meetings, online classes or remote medical appointments.

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Visit Doctors Virtually

Are you transitioning to virtual doctor visits for your pharmaceutical company?

Contact doctors and arrange video calls to educate them about your company’s drugs. Make it easy for doctors and their assistants to book a discovery call with your sales reps. Explain what your drugs do and answer inquiries during the video call just like you were at the clinic.

Make the most of virtual doctor visits with 10to8.

10to8 for telemedicine appointments

Video Consultations

Run remote physio sessions, equipment tutorials and more

Phone Appointments

Arrange initial consultations and follow-up calls with patients

Virtual Doctor Visits

Educate doctors about your pharmaceuticals and take questions

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