Time Management Techniques for Small Business

We’ve just released a new, free guide for small businesses with time management tips and tools to streamline business processes and cut costs.

The guide revolves around 3 core concepts:

  1. Create Time-Efficient Business Structures
    Set aside an afternoon in your busy schedule to review how your business is run and which systems and structures could be improved. What do you spend the most time doing on a day-to-day basis? How could you re-arrange that to save time. Read more about optimising product sourcing, production, distribution, delegating tasks and motivating staff.
  2. Market Research
    Determining who your most relevant customers are in the early stages of business development will cut misspent investment in the long run, and refining your target market as you gain traction in the market is an on-going process.
  3. Get Customers to your Business Quicker with Quality Marketing
    Attracting new customers, or replenishing them if your business has a short customer-life (like salons or therapists), is often one of the most time consuming elements of running a business.

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