Time Management Tips for Small Business Owners

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Kate specialises in working with “business owners who are overworked and overwhelmed”; she can help you as a fast growing small business manager make the right choices and have the right balance in your life. Every time I speak to Kate, I come away with new snippets of knowledge! I am very happy she agreed to share some of her top tips! You can learn more about her services at Kategerry.com.

Kate has a wide remit but tends to work with businesses who have a big dream and mission. They are usually asking themselves ‘Is it possible to have a successful business and have a life I love”? – a question common among small business owners. 

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Watch our chat:

– Creating the right kind of time

There are lots of time management courses and tips but creating time isn’t just stretching time, it’s about creating time where business owners can hear themselves think, because when you give yourself time and space to process, those are when you get the great ideas to make the change they want to see in the world.

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– Hiring or expanding your team

Kate suggests businesses consider what processes they have in place before they consider bringing on new staff. If you’re bringing on someone to manage your calendar for example, make sure you have the appointment management system in place so they can start the role managing that system, rather than starting from scratch and spending lots of time manually managing processes which could be automated.

– Jotting down what you do

Bullet point what you do as you go, for example send invoice or send welcome letter, so when you bring someone in, you understand what you’re asking them to do. In that way you’ll be able to delegate more effectively. Then, when your new staff is in place, ask them to write their list of what they do, so you can spot any gaps.

– Work-life balance

It’s not about compartmentalising and not ever thinking about your business. The truth is that when you have down time, that can be when you have your best ideas for the business”. Balance is about choice and structuring your business so that when you’re on holiday you have the choice to jot down ideas and not implement them right then and there. Kate says, for example,  “We often create our own sense of panic in our head… the time pressure”.

If you are someone whose work takes over their life, ask yourself ‘When do I not want to work?’. Is it Sunday afternoon? Is it all day? Is it all weekend? Start small and set those hours to start building a habit of not working at certain times.