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Success Study: Janey Su, Independent Tutor

Janey runs a small part-time tutoring business in Oxford, where she teaches Chinese. Janey has a young family and a busy lifestyle and found she needed some help coordinating her business, but couldn’t justify the expense of an assistant or any big business or customer management software. Janey found 10to8 a helpful solution as all her students could easily make or change bookings without having to speak to her, and as she has fewer than 10 bookings a month, the system is free for her to use.

Janey Su

"Students can now book, change and check the details of their lessons without having to leave me messages that I have to respond to. It's saved me a lot of time and my students find it helpful as they don't have to wait for me to phone them back. It's basically become my assistant. Because my business is still small, the system is free - it's been a great help."


Whether you work as a music teacher or a maths tutor, the 10to8 booking calendar can save you time in running your teaching business. Consider it your online schedule maker.

While you teach, 10to8 is busy filling your schedule, finding new students and reducing last minute cancellations. It uses interactive messages to encourage your students to show up on time and lets you know if they don’t respond. Our customers have seen no-shows drop by 90%.

Professional automatic reminders help your students remember their lessons.

Expand your customer base by letting new students book online.


Less time on admin means more time for doing what you love. It means never having to answer a phone call during a lesson and never keeping a student waiting. 10to8 ensures your students have all the up-to-date information they need. No more miscommunication. No more interruptions.

See booking and change requests from your students straight in your diary.

Access notes and details about your students or lessons wherever you are.


10to8 your free appointment scheduling software gives you an instant online profile, so students can easily see what lessons and services you offer. You can take bookings from your website or from your 10to8 profile page. You can even add ‘book now’ buttons to your newsletter or email signature.

It’s simple to set up or change and gives your teaching or tutoring business an instant professional image.

Students can book with you straight from their smart phone.

You can customise online booking to suit your business and stay in complete control.


Small Business



$ 25 / month

Bigger Business

$ 50 / month


$ 150 / month

Prices are per month, excluding VAT.