Using Creativity to grow your business, an Interview with Kate Taylor

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Creativity plays a key part in our lives, especially as small business owners. In this interview, Kate Taylor from Up Coaching shares her expertise in helping her clients make the most of their creativity in making their life and business a success. All that Kate shares with us has the rare value of real life – “done that, got the T-shirt!”

Kate has always been creative, albeit not working in traditionally creative roles. In London advertising agencies, she was working amongst creative talents on a daily basis. There she heard time and again how her colleagues were feeling removed from owning success and from power. Kate retrained as a coach to understand why this could be, and she now helps clients align their creative aspirations, their need to make a living, and their passion. Kate, has been a long time user of 10to8, but it’s only now I get a chance to interview her!

Here Kate shares 7 ways we can step into our power and live fiercely creative lives – whatever work it is that we do.

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Tip1: Know your ideal client

Kate is very clear as to who she can help. It plays a key role in making her business successful. It does not mean all her clients are all from the same sector or have the same ideas; they can have a creative project which they just need help make happen; they can be hesitating to make the leap into their creativity; they can be running their own business and just failing to bring creativity into it. Kate understands the challenges, the highs and the lows of her clients. She speaks their language so they understand her when she starts talking creativity.

Tip 2: Live your ‘why’

Understand why it is that you do what you do. Not necessarily what you do, or how you do it. For example with Kate, her why is creativity, just look at UpCoaching and this shines through! She says the best bit about running her own business is that it has helped her express even more of her own creativity. This is why she is so believable when talking to clients. She lives by what she preaches and you can see it work in her.

Tip 3: Embrace Meraki


OK so you need to express your creativity but there’s a big step between doing a creative course and making a living out of it. What can get in our way is our challenges with confidence. Meraki is the concept that when you create you weave a little of your soul into everything you create. If you start your own business and live your passion, there is a risk that people don’t like what you do. It can damage your self-esteem and confidence if you get criticised. Kate knows ways to help her clients protect themselves. This is key as not following their passions would be more damaging!

Tip 4: Find your tribe

Engage with people to collaborate with others so that you feel supported and so that you have a community to go back to when things go wrong.

Use the Internet to meet people. Find out where people hang out and start engaging with them. You never know where your next collaborative project will come from! You may organise retreats, talks, interviews – a community plays a key part to all of it. This is another big plus of 10to8 having clearly understood this and offering a supportive business community, everybody can help each other in the group!

Tip 5: Build your Toolbox

When starting her business Kate was very clear that the administrative side is not what she enjoys most. Yet she is very professional and wants to offer the best service to her clients. 10to8 as a scheduling tool really helped her.

Kate never worries about whether she remembered to send a reminder to a client for a meeting. She never worries about dates or hours being wrongly written. She gives customers easy access to her schedule whatever she is doing.

Also as a very creative person it is really important to Kate to make sure that her 10to8 reflects her brand, looks good, incorporates easily into her site and social media presence.

And as 10to8 is free up to 100 appointments it has not have an impact when first starting!

Tip 6: Use the Internet to find your audience

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Kate is a very specialised coach, yet she does not live in central London, having decided that in order to live her best life she wanted to live by the sea. This doesn’t stop her working with clients in London and throughout the rest of the world. She has made the most of the Internet to become visible and spread the word so that her clients – wherever they are located – can easily find her. This makes it even more important that when they are searching they understand what she does, recognise how she can help them and all them to easily to book time with her.

This is where Tip 1 plays a key part because Kate knows her clients so well.

Final Tip: The 1 degree shift

Staring a business is like trying to shift a massive elephant! It looks impossible to do. Break down a project into parts, and start with something simple and easy. Once it’s broken down, look at all that needs to be done and work out where you’re strongest, and where you’re weakest. As small business owner there’s a need to do everything, but we can’t be good at everything.

Why not go out to your tribe or community to find the people who could help you; people who you think would be better than you at doing the other bits and ask them to get involved?

You could share, swap and help each other out! Join the 10to8 community as a start for example. And also groups where your ideal clients hangout!

Watch the full interview with Kate

Kate’s Offer for 10to8ers!

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