Vaccination Booking System

Trusted by NHS Trusts & private clinics worldwide

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Vaccination Booking System

Trusted by NHS Trusts and private clinics worldwide.

Get in touch…

Let’s set up your vaccination scheduling platform together!

Get in touch…

Let’s set up your personalised vaccination scheduling tool together!

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“I didn’t anticipate how greatly useful 10to8 was going to be, especially in predicting the demand and planning ahead. 10to8 made everything smooth sailing in what is an unprecedented time. It made a very difficult time a lot easier and we can’t thank 10to8 enough for the free rein to allow us to do what we needed to.” 

Thomas Kinrade, PPE Manager, NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG.

Appointment Scheduling calendar to manage your Health Care business and reduce admin

COVID-19 test & vaccination booking system

Arrange COVID-19 tests and vaccinations safely and without unnecessary pressure on your staff.

The 10to8 online booking system has been helping NHS Trusts, GPs, and private medical practices to organize short appointments at scale.

Schedule short bookings for quick coronavirus swab tests at your walk-through or drive-through testing site and book in patients at your vaccination centre. Book a call to set up an account tailored to your needs.


Loved by NHS Trusts

Read our NHS case studies to hear from our NHS partners.


DSP Toolkit

10to8 is listed on the Data Protection and Security Toolkit (8KL47).

Fewer DNAs

Each missed appointment cost the NHS £160 – let’s reduce this!

Live reporting

Track performance & gain useful insights for data-driven decisions.

Reduce no-shows with patient reminders

Make sure that patients will turn up to their COVID test or to pick up the vaccine with automated, intelligent, and accessible reminders via email, SMS, and voice calls. Our customers have seen DNAs drop by up to 90%.

Modernize the patient flow and make the vaccine rollout less stressful; implement 10to8 and make vaccination bookings happen with ease.

Try 10to8 vaccination scheduling software today – get in touch for a customized pricing plan.


Online Booking Page for Health Care Professionals
Online Booking Page for Health Care Professionals

Your personalized account is ready…

You’re busy – we get it! That’s why your 10to8 vaccination booking system account is set up for you from the moment you sign up. Your online booking page, services, automated reminders – all done!

Furthermore, our helpful Account Executives, Customer Success Managers, and Support reps are here to help you.

Get in touch so we can do the work for you and get you up and running in no time.


Security & reporting

Safeguard patient information with advanced encryption standards; 10to8 offers bank-rate security. We comply with the GDPR, we are ISO 27001 certified, and listed on the DSP Toolkit (8KL47).

Gain useful insights into your clinic’s performance with our live reporting capabilities. Learn about your busiest services, see which staff members are spread thinly, spot no-shows before they happen, identify bottlenecks, and report on your performance to the CCG.

Try our Return On Investment calculator to see the potential impact of vaccination scheduling software.


Appointment Scheduling Software with automated reminders for clients

We take compliance seriously

At 10to8, compliance is not just an empty word, it is how we do things. Discover more about our secure appointment scheduling software.

Medical scheduling software trusted worldwide

10to8 is a reliable booking system used by hospitals, private clinics, and healthcare organizations worldwide.

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