Waiting List Length Calculator

Discover how long it will take your NHS Trust to clear the appointment request backlog built up during lockdown.

Waiting List Length Calculator by 10to8

Do you know how long patients need to wait to be seen by a doctor at your clinic? Find out how long it will take you to clear your appointment backlogs and how much time 10to8 could save your NHS Trust. Fill in the details and let our calculator do the rest for you.
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The impact of the 10to8 Patient Booking System on your NHS Trust.
This is what you need to do if you decide not to implement the 10to8 Petient Booking System.
“We are dealing with a crisis here and we could absolutely not manage without 10to8.” Sanjiv Luckhea

Assistant Director, North East London NHS Foundation Trust

The North East London NHS Foundation Trust was struggling to organise blood tests efficiently. During the first lockdown, their appointment request backlog reached more than 2,000 emails. They had a 10-person admin team allocated to tackle this backlog, but they weren’t successful.

That’s when NELFT NHS turned to the 10to8 Patient Booking System for self-service appointments. Read the full case study to see how they tackled their waiting list once and for all.