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What To Do When You Can’t Do Anything?

Saying “No” to a customer might be a difficult one, but the truth is, It’s simply not feasible to be saying yes to every request that comes our way (could you imagine??). Saying “No” might not really be the problem, but how you say it really matters.

We’re all customers (unless you’re in a tribe in the Amazon) so we all know how we like to be treated when we are THE customer. We all do.  But how do we say ‘no’ and still keep customers happy?

We’re all customers (unless you’re in a tribe in the Amazon) so we all know how we like to be treated when we are THE customer. We all do. But how do we say ‘no’ and still keep customers happy? Click To Tweet


Offer something else in return

Telling a customer “no” will simply leave them not feeling valued as a customer. A response such as “unfortunately I am unable to help you with this, however, I would love to assist you with another option that will give you similar results”, can win over unhappy customers.

Be honest

Explain exactly why the customer’s request cannot be met at that time. When clients are left with a “no” they are left with unanswered questions which can lead to miscommunications.

Don’t make promises you can’t keep

Although you want to satisfy the customer and make them want to come back, you should “keep it real” at all times. Making promises you can’t keep will create distrust, so maintain communication in a friendly, and open way, especially when informing the customer of a rejected request.

Listen / Empathize

Especially when dealing with unhappy customers’, it’s important to listen to the motives that made them feel this way. Can you fix it? Maybe not, but you can always try. Help the customer to understand their options clearly and leave them feeling informed and valued.

Even if there is no option but to simply refuse a request, you can still reassure customers that their opinion matters, and while you can’t accommodate their needs at this point in time, you’ll make sure to pass on their feedback.

Customers feel appreciated when they are given the impression that your company and employees are going out of their way to accommodate them.


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