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Suneva Webcasting LLC

Q. What's the Number One problem entrepreneurs and small businesses face?

A. Not enough sales.

Without sales, it’s impossible to be successful in business. Creating a quality product or service leaves little time for marketing tasks. But without marketing how will your buyers know what you have to offer?

We solve this problem for you in three steps;

First, we make managing your business easier with a marketing plan for your goals.

Second, we save you time by doing the heavy lifting; research, validation, and designing.

Third, we put that system to work to create new business by developing new audiences.

What does this do for your business? You could have a:

- Video business plan presentation for start-up investors

- Website designed to sell products through multiple distribution outlets

- Coordinated social media and email campaign

- Lead generating marketing webinar

- Streaming media screenwriting for an independent film

Change your life in 30 minutes - Book your consultation now!

Whatever your business or marketing idea might be, it’s worth exploring. Ready to get the answer to that marketing problem? If you want to know if your idea is marketable, book your 30 minute consultation now and get your fact-filled report without cost or obligation.

Who is Suneva Webcasting LLC ?

We provide direction, resources and skills to optimize your business potential. The Company has been recognized as a Civic Business Leader by the City of New Orleans since 2017. The Company is also a Certified Small Business by the Louisiana Economic Development Corporation, registered with Dun & Bradstreet.

What Does the Company Do ?

We create business plans, presentations, print or video content programming and communication skill-building services.

How Will This Help Me?

You get personalized consultations to succeed with your challenges. Plus the latest cybersecurity for your information and for your customers.

Why Should I Use Your Services?

If you are struggling with Internet technology, our services can make it easier.

When Are Your Services Available?

Monday to Friday by appointment. We also work on retainer or as project managers.


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My skype handle is Itara Uma Sumeros

Our Premises

  • 650 Poydras Street, Suite 1400,New Orleans, LA, USA