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Sura Dog Training

See our training in action:

We are pleased to offer Online 1-on-1 Training Sessions! Each session is 50 minutes long for $125 and your personal instructor will be one of our CCPDT certified professional dog trainers.

We are also offering a 4-week, 50 minutes each week, Online Group Puppy Class for $150.

Here at Sura Dog Training we use straightforward, gentle, safe and science-based methods that can be used by the ENTIRE FAMILY. Our training philosophy is "If we wouldn't let an 8 year old child do this with a dog then it probably shouldn't be done by anyone!"

During our sessions, we’ll walk you through everything you need to do to address your dog’s issues. And, if you like, we can even offer a live virtual demo with our own dogs!

Please take a moment to look at our website where you can see for yourself what separates Sura Dog Training from the rest of the pack, like the fact that 96% of our clients only need one training session!


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