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Appointment Scheduling Software

Making appointments happen.

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More than just

Appointment Scheduling Software

Making appointments happen.

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Book a call with our Sales Team to learn more about our Enterprise Solution.

10to8 is more than just a simple appointment scheduling tool…

Rid your business of wasted time

10to8 is on a mission to rid the world of wasted time and inefficiency. Let’s start with your business!

Better organize your team’s schedule – bring your clients and staff together in the right place at the right time.

Quick and easy online booking for your clients

Have an online booking page with consistent branding and allow clients to book and manage their own appointments.

No more being interrupted by phone calls, no more email ping-pong and missed opportunities, only convenient and quick online booking.

Reduce no-shows by up to 90%

Get clients to show up with automated booking reminders sent via SMS, Email and even Voice Calls.

Set up intelligent reminders and trigger them based on time or service type. Track if your clients open the reminders, spot potential no-shows and avoid them.

Build trust with each appointment

Build relationships that last and achieve better customer retention.

Be it sales prospects, interview candidates or students, engage better with them. Show them that you care during calls, face-to-face meetings and even through personalized communications.

The solution that fits your business

10to8 is here to fit you and your business processes. You can set up 2-way calendar sync with Google, iCal, Exchange, Office 365, and Outlook. Our online booking system is easy to integrate with any website.

10to8 has native integrations with Zoom Video Conferencing and Salesforce, and you can browse hundreds of other app integrations on Zapier.

Control and performance

Track attendance, report on no-shows, track the popularity of your services and get data on staff performance.
Our powerful reporting features will clearly outline how your organization performs and you can present the progress to stakeholders and decision-makers.

Security and compliance

We take security and compliance seriously. 10to8 has bank-rate security and penetration tests are carried out regularly.

Furthermore, our appointment scheduling software complies with regulations such as GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA. 

10to8 makes virtual appointments happen…

Schedule and run virtual appointments smoothly with 10to8 and make your business fully remote!

Our native Zoom Video Conferencing and Microsoft Teams integrations enable you to host video appointments of all kinds, be it internal staff meetings, online classes, or remote medical appointments.

Sign up free today and make remote appointments happen with 10to8!

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Appointment scheduling software trusted worldwide

We take compliance seriously

At 10to8, compliance is not just an empty word, it is how we do things. Discover more about our secure appointment scheduling software.

Is 10to8 scheduling software the right fit for you?

Our scheduling software solution is for organizations that want to eliminate wasted time, inefficiencies and costly no-shows while providing amazing booking experience to their clients. The 10to8 online booking system is a feature-rich product that allows you to tailor it to your needs and embed it into your existing workflow.

The most popular use cases include…


Setting up student appointments is a breeze!

I love 10to8 because I simply open the hours that I deem as office hours, and students/other faculty are able to sign up for a time to meet with me without sending multiple scheduling emails back and forth.

Renee B., Assistant Professor

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Student engagement remotely

Coordinating with students is difficult. Booking virtual classes, scheduling remote mentoring appointments and consultations are tasks that universities and colleges struggle to carry out efficiently. With the 10to8 student engagement platform, however, you can simplify the student engagement process.

  • Allow students to book appointments online without having to call or email you
  • Eliminate miscommunications and no-shows with reminders and 2-way chat
  • Cut back on admin and spend more time with students
  • Take student engagement to the next level

Our Sales Team is happy to walk you through the other benefits of 10to8 – book a call with them. Or get started today with a 30-day free trial.

online booking system for any device

Scheduling interviews & HR meetings

Arranging interviews, performance reviews and other HR meetings has never been easier. 10to8 can help you find the best time for your staff without lengthy email chains and phone ping-pong. The booking calendar can be shared among your team, while the reminders keep everyone on the same page. Our HR scheduling software can:

  • Send interview confirmations, reminders, and other information to job candidates
  • Identify the best available times for your hiring managers to conduct interviews
  • Remind everyone involved with emails so that no one forgets
  • Synchronize with Outlook and other calendars to avoid double bookings

Discover how other HR departments utilize 10to8 and the ways it will ease your life; Book a call with sales or start a 30-day free trial.

appointment scheduling software with calendar sync

Optimization and scheduling

Before using this tool I remember that we used to have conflicts between schedules, we crossed paths with others, (…) we made different meetings with our customers, partners, employees, and it was not so easy to take control of everything, now we have everything programmed and we are doing great.

Nisha F.D, Managing Director

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No more missed sales opportunities!

10to8 is a great booking software that can grow with you as you continue to scale your business. I no longer have to waste time on the phone trying to coordinate my schedule with my clients. Clients can see my schedule and book at their convenience.

Trudy H., Managing Member

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Scheduling sales calls & demos

10to8 is trusted by thousands of sales and customer service professionals worldwide. Why is that? 10to8 empowers Sales and Customer Service Teams to engage better with clients, schedule calls and achieve faster turnarounds. 10to8 scheduling software will help your teams:

  • Connect faster with prospects, leads, and clients
  • Get better returns from your outbound outreach
  • Streamline your processes with 10to8 integrations such as Salesforce and Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Speed up the sales process and close more deals

Talk to our Sales Team to find out how you can utilize our solution or start a 30-day trial today.

appointment scheduling software integrations

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Find out how other types of businesses use 10to8 online appointment scheduling software and how they benefit from it.

Join over 50,000 businesses worldwide

Discover how the 10to8 appointment scheduling system helps organizations worldwide reduce their no-show rates and increase productivity.

Book a call with our Sales Team and discuss what issues you require our online booking system to solve for you.

Over 1,500 app integrations

Integrate the 10to8 online booking system with your favorite apps and automate more tasks. 10to8 has native integration with Zoom and Salesforce and we offer 2-way sync with most calendar apps. You can also embed the 10to8 booking widget on any website.

Thanks to our Zapier integrations, you can create your very own quick integrations with over 1,500 apps. Visit our app marketplace.

10to8 Business Blog

Appointment Scheduling Software FAQs

What is an online booking system?

What is an online booking system? In short, an online booking system is an online interface which enables customers to book the services that you offer in the form an appointment.

With an online booking system, businesses and professionals alike are in control of the services and available slots that are bookable by clients. Setting buffer time and configuring recurring appointments is also possible with many systems.

Advanced booking systems such as the 10to8 online booking system will also allow for booking pages to be customized and branded.

What is a scheduling tool?

A scheduling tool is a software application for scheduling appointments, rooms, or inventory.

Popular scheduling tools such as, are provided online using a web-based application. A scheduling tool will often include an online booking system and calendar.

The benefit of an online scheduling tool is the fact that it can be accessed on any device, therefore, you have your schedule with you wherever you go.

The main purpose of a scheduling tool is to help businesses and professionals alike coordinate appointments and manage their time effectively.

Why Appointment Scheduling Is Important

Appointment scheduling important as in business you’ll often encounter a variety of key appointments, such as a job interview, or critical business meeting. Ensuring that you are punctual, and have time to prepare ahead of time is key to success, and a good online scheduler can help to accomplish such goals.

What is online scheduling?

Online scheduling software provides businesses with a means to efficiently manage appointments via an online calendar. Online scheduling allows for customers and prospects alike to book appointments, services, or even a product demo with businesses both quickly and easily via an online booking page. Placing a ‘Book Now’ button on your own website is also a sure-fire way to increase online bookings and even repeat business.

How do you make an appointment for a calendar?

To efficiently make an appointment for a calendar you’ll first need a free online booking calendar, which would facilitate for bookings. With online scheduling software, you can offer customers the added convenience of online booking, whereby appointments can be booked via your own customizable online booking page. With 2-way calendar sync, bookings can seamlessly be shared between external calendars such as Google.

What is online appointment system?

An online appointment system otherwise referred to as appointment scheduling software is a tool that empowers businesses to conveniently take and manage appointments and or bookings online.

An online appointment system can help small businesses look more professional by allowing them to set up and customize their very own booking page. The best online appointment systems will often include features such as automated SMS & email reminders, 2-way client chat, and external calendar sync.

What does an appointment scheduler do?

An appointment scheduler empowers businesses and professionals alike to effectively manage appointments, bookings, and their time.

Appointment schedulers will commonly include an online diary system, which can effortlessly sync with external calendars such as Google, iCal, Outlook, and Exchange.

A free appointment scheduler such as the one provided by us here at will also be packed with features including 2-way chat, free SMS reminders, and integrations with over 500 apps.

What is a reminder system?

A reminder system is often implemented by service-based businesses and professionals across a range of sectors encompassing healthcare, beauty and spas, therapists, and education.

A modern-day appointment reminder system will comprise automated SMS and email appointment reminders. The goal of an effective reminder system is normally to reduce costly appointment no-shows.

Is 10to8 HIPAA compliant?

Yes! 10to8 is HIPAA compliant. If you are using 10to8 for medical appointments in the US, then you will need to enable our HIPAA security features, which will help you to use our scheduling software in a fully compliant manner.

Please see our support article HIPAA Scheduling Software All You Need To Know for more info and an easy to follow setup guide.

What is an online appointment?

An online appointment typically refers to exactly that, a booking for a service made via an online booking system. An online appointment could be for a service, such as a dental appointment, for example, a meeting, or any number of reasons. While the booking for the appointment is made online, the actual appointment may take place over the phone, or in person at a later time and date as agreed at the point of booking.

How do I set up an online booking?

If you want to set up and offer an online booking service for your clients, then you can do that with the help of a free online scheduling tool. You’ll benefit from an online booking page which you can customize with your own branding. Furthermore, with a good online booking system, you will be able to seamlessly integrate and offer an online booking facility via your own website, and even add ‘Book Now’ buttons to Facebook.

How to take bookings online?

Bookings can be taken with ease via any website. Offer customers’ the added convenience of online booking, by adding our booking widget, and ‘Book Now’ buttons to your website. You can even add ‘Book Now’ buttons to a Facebook Business page.

Don’t have your own website? No problem. With 10to8 you’ll also benefit from your very own online booking page, which customers’ can view and book your available slots effortlessly.