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ABS Legal Advocates, P.A.

We are a national veterans’ benefit law firm that represent veterans from all branches of service before the Department of Veterans Affairs. We are available to meet in person with existing clients and potential clients who have already completed the intake questionnaire. Dallas, Houston, Austin, and Atlanta, office meetings are available on limited basis. We may be able to include additional dates depending upon demand. If you are interested in making an appointment, you may request one by clicking on the appropriate box, below. ⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤⏤ 2021 Events Calendar

Future dates depending on feasibility and COVID considerations

Dallas: Oct 15th, Nov 19th

Atlanta: Sep 24th

Houston: Oct 13th

Tampa: Oct 18th


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Our Premises

  • 901 New Hampshire Street, Suite 201 Lawrence, KS