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CPHT Hypnotherapy Training Peterborough, Nottingham, Birmingham, Newcastle, St Albans, Kent and Essex

Talk to one of our senior lecturers to find out about the next Hypnotherapy course near you.

It might just change you life like it has for hundreds of previous students.

CPHT will be running their accredited hypnotherapy training courses Spring 2021 across the UK

  • Would you like to make a real difference to people’s lives?

  • Are you fed up with working so hard you have no time to enjoy life?

  • Would you want an exciting and interesting profession?

  • Would you want to dictate your own hours?

  • Would you want to enjoy what you do?

  • Are you looking for a new career?

  • Are you ready to make a change now?

Imagine you were instrumental in helping just one other human being to change their life for the better so dramatically that they said something like: I really didn’t realise how wonderful just being alive could be! As a hypnotherapist you will not be helping just one person, but hundreds – perhaps even thousands – to that same sense of liberation and well-being. ~ David Newton, Director and Global Senior Course Lecturer CPHT

If this sounds inspiring, exciting or interesting then a career in clinical hypnotherapy could be right for you.

Our next courses are:

-Birmingham - March 2021

-Nottingham - April 2021

  • Peterborough - March 2021

  • St Albans - March 2021

  • Essex - March 2021

  • Kent and Newcastle next intake September 2021

What it means to have a career as a practicing hypnotherapist Hypnotherapy is considered to be one of the fastest growing professions in the UK.

Being able to support many people in areas such as mental health, pregnancy and childbirth, weight management to career development and sport performance.

When you look through your social media feed or your newspaper, you’ll see so many more stories about people using hypnotherapy to help them recover from mental challenges or physical setback, get over performance nerves, have an enjoyable birth or win a gold medal and so much more.

There has never been a better time to look at a career in clinical hypnotherapy and CPHT has enabled many hundreds of people, just like you, to become a successful professional hypnotherapist, at the forefront of the hypnotherapy profession in the UK. If you want to set up in practice either full time or part time, you’ve come to the right place because CPHT specialises in producing highly effective practitioners who thrive in business and in practice


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