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Annie Lebrun - Body-Matrix Specialist

Fascinated by Fascia, the inner biological webbing, Annie is inspired by the Power of Touch and Movement. By combining her 17 + years experience of working as a myofascial therapist and trainer, Annie has been educating, young and older, strategies and tools to rejuvenate and revive their inner body and rewire postural behaviours.

She created BMS technique, manual therapy and designed body training methods for anybody who wants to feel younger next year.

Travelling the world presenting BMS Sessions, she is a wizard in empowering others in self-care. Convinced by the belief that our body's postural patterns shape our behaviours, stiffness and restrictions are holding us back.

Her main concern: giving the body its boldness and awesomeness back.

A Native Canadian and two time best-selling author in the Ignite Series, based in Germany.


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