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MindUnique Education ( Pty) Ltd

A magnificent TechnoLife Institute for unlimited human and learning development and greatness, overall health and well-being. Life coaching and counselling to grow individuals, families and organisations to have a happy and well-balanced life in our techno-immersed world. We empower you to live a healthy and well-balanced life while growing your unlimited potential as an amazing person in all areas of your life. We have a multi-modal and integrated approach to ensure that you don't become addicted to technology and social media, but living a significant, purposeful and joyful life, managing technology and social media effectively, i.e. not being a slave to it, but keep it in its place. We offer i.e. assessment surveys, a Quantum full body scan, analysis, feedback, a design blueprint with recommendations and techno-life hacks to improve your health and well-being, Rife therapy and other natural products (including Annique's Forever Healthy range and other 100% trustworthy companies) and services according to each individual's, employer and organisation's needs.


Our Premises

  • 2 6th Street, Linden, Randburg, South Africa