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CalmCupCake Yoga 愛瑜伽

在繁忙鬧市中的瑜伽教室 帶領學員快樂地享受瑜伽 減輕生活節奏的緊張 享受一刻的寧靜 鄰近太子港鐵站 小班教學 單堂收費 無拘無束無合約 健康養生瘦身之選

In a earch of calmness in life, we pursue to develop an understanding of how our mind and body engage in each different posture. 

We hope to bring to you stress release, spiritual balance, and empowered body intuition through our programs. ​

Varieties of Yoga styles offered to fit everybody's needs.


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  • 185 Prince Edward Rd W, Mong Kok, Hong Kong