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We provide current students of SUSS, and staff members (at SUSS and IAL), with counselling and life coaching services. Book an appointment with us free-of-charge. All sessions are held online/by phone in the interim, till the Covid-19 situation improves. Reschedule or Cancellations, should be made with at least 24 hours notice.


Booking instructions:

Step 1: Make a booking for appointment. (click "See Times" button)

Step 2: Complete the registration forms. (Links found below.) Bookings without registration will not be confirmed.


For urgent bookings today, registration must be received at least 2 hours before appointment time and before 5.30 PM (admin working hours). Example registration must reach before 5.30 PM for time slots from 6 to 8 PM today.


First Consultation (Counselling)

  • Form D1

  • Form M (if you are assigned to a counsellor-in-training)

First Consultation (Life Coaching)

Find out more about Counselling and Coaching here


Online / Phone

Our Premises

  • 463 Clementi Rd, Blk A, #3-3.05B