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Heaven-Earth Connection

Heaven-Earth Connection is a space where you can safely access your innate ability to experience well-being in your life through the support of an experienced therapist.

Through her healing practice Ottavia will help you overcoming your difficulties when overwhelmed by symptoms of unresolved grief, acute and chronic anxiety, depression, physical pain and stress. Ottavia creates a compassionate and safe space where you can discuss freely your needs and be met with understanding and non judgement.

I offer Spiritual and Therapeutic healing, Somatic Experiencing, Safe and Sound Protocol (SSP), trauma informed Co-regulatory Touch, Energy healing, Crystal healing and Reiki and Soul Integration therapy


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Online / Phone

My skype handle is ottaviamazzoni

Our Premises

  • Under Westwood, Upper Swainswick, Bath BA1 8BX, UK

  • 3-4 Old Jockey Cottages, Box, Corsham