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    Why 10to8

    Marketing Partnership Program Preferences

    What are you interested in?

    We don't want to spam you with emails that are irrelevant - your inbox is probably full of those already.

    So please specify what you want to hear about via the form.


    What is what...

    Thought Leaders Wanted: Round-up articles about popular topics that we need expert contributors for. We'll ask you to supply a short comment if you are a subject matter expert in the given topic.

    Resources Wanted: When an old blog article is up for an update and we're looking for fresh resources, new links, images, etc. And some help with promotion.

    Star Vendors Wanted: You'll hear from us when we're working on a 'Best Of X' or 'Top Y' article. This mainly be us looking for other up-and-coming software vendors to feature as the best of their category. But sometimes we write about other things, such as the best blogs, podcasts, etc.

    Speakers Wanted: If we're planning to run a webinar or physical event, we might reach out to you to see if the topic is within your domain and you want to attend as a speaker.


    There's more...

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