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    Improve patient and visitor experience with seamless appointment scheduling

    Discover how Sign In Scheduling can transform both the patient and visitor experience with accessible appointment scheduling that makes vital appointments easily and readily available to those who need them.


    Reduce administration costs

    Sign In Scheduling accepts appointments online and over the phone without the time-consuming admin.

    Public healthcare

    Keep control of family visits

    Offer scheduled visit times for busy or recurring family visits.

    Care home

    Administer multi-dose vaccinations

    Set up follow-up appointments to ensure patients receive multi-dose vaccinations on time, every time.


    Forecast demand with live reporting

    Learn about your busiest services and sites, identify bottlenecks and report on performance to direct capacity where it's needed.

    Automated phone

    Carry out phone appointments

    Arrange initial consultations and follow-up calls with patients quickly and efficiently.

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    Accessible to all

    Sign In Scheduling is WCAG-compliant and offers appointment scheduling across any channel - online and over the phone.

    Reduce admin burden with self-service scheduling and automation

    Improve efficiency with automated scheduling that makes reporting a breeze, resulting in less administration and reduces staff burnout. With automated and accessible reminders via email, SMS, voice and WhatsApp, you can reduce no-shows and last-minute cancellations by up to 90%.

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    Reporting made easy

    Our reporting tools transform appointment data into actionable insights, making appointment behavior and clinic performance reports easily accessible and enable you to report on success and no-show rates.

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    Reduce DNAs and last-minute cancellations by up to 90%

    Seamless integration with our visitor management solution automatically pre-registers visitors at the point of booking their appointment for easy sign in on site. Upon arrival, patients and visitors can sign in either via an iPad in reception or using their own phones for a contact-free safe and integrated experience. This feature enables you to include important safety questionnaires and policies during the sign in process, ensuring a smooth and informed entry to the premises.

    Be fully compliant

    Sign In Scheduling is CCPA, HIPAA and GDPR compliant. So, you can rest assured, your new student scheduling software complies with all relevant regulations.

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    Case study: How CIC Health organized millions of COVID-19 tests with Sign In Scheduling

    During the coronavirus pandemic, CIC Health started repurposing its workspaces to offer COVID tests. With Sign In Scheduling’s help, they have since facilitated 532,000+ tests and 350,000+ vaccinations, providing their services to 375+ organizations across the United States.

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