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    Powering interviews and performance reviews

    With Sign In Scheduling by your side, HR appointments and the entire recruitment process runs smoothly from start to finish. So, whether you’re organizing staff reviews, running training, holding company meetings or doing job interviews, everything is in safe hands.

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    How Sign In Scheduling overcomes HR challenges


    Schedule interviews your way

    However you like to hire, Sign In Scheduling will help you do it better. Have the flexibility to schedule one-to-one or panel interviews and staff meetings in-person, or on Zoom or Microsoft Teams.

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    Be in control & allow flexibility

    Find the best time for a meeting every time. Sign In Scheduling lets you quickly find available slots or specify when you want a meeting to happen. Even send booking invites to job candidates and still stay in control.


    Remove coordination complexity

    Lengthy email chains and phone ping-pong aren't fun. It’s time-consuming and inefficient. With Sign In Scheduling’s interview scheduling software, everyone knows where they need to be and when.

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    Share your calendar with the team

    Avoid diary clashes and mistakes. Sign In Scheduling syncs with your team’s calendars — be it Outlook, Gmail, or Office 356 — so everyone stays organized.


    Your new HR assistant

    Sign In Scheduling is made for organizing staff performance reviews, lunch & learns, internal meetings training and much more. Plus, you have the ability to schedule appointments with multiple staff members, view everyone’s availability and find the best time for meetings. Which means you can fill your days with fruitful training and staff reviews instead of time-consuming admin.


    Streamline recruitment

    Sign In Scheduling simplifies and improves the entire recruitment process. First, candidates have the freedom to book their own interview slot online from available dates. Following this, you can add multiple interviewers to the booking if required.Then, prior to the interview, send automated reminders by SMS, email and voice, proven to reduce no-shows by up to 90%. Finally, keep everything in one place from CVs to interview notes by adding them to the candidate's appointment record.

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    Keep using all the apps you love

    Sign In Scheduling’s interview scheduling software works with 5,000+ apps including Zoom Microsoft Teams, Salesforce and other native and third-party integrations. So, you can have all the apps you love working together seamlessly and add in new ones that improve your day.

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    Eliminate discrimination when recruiting

    Sign In Scheduling is WCAG-compliant, screen-reader friendly and offers omnichannel scheduling with accessible reminders. This means everyone is treated with fairness, dignity and respect through the recruitment scheduling process regardless of disability, age, technical know-how or access to technology.

    Find out the ROI of self-service appointments

    Calculate the Return on Investment of introducing Sign In Scheduling  to your business. See the impact on staff workload, no-shows and revenue.