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    Centralized calendar

    Manage your entire organization’s bookings, and availability from one place.
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    All your bookings in one place

    Keep on top of your organization’s bookings from one central location. Ensure that your clients and staff never miss a site visit again. Our calendar sync feature ensures that you don’t get double booked. 

    You can see details of your clients, appointments they have made, communications that have happened, and much more. Quickly search through multiple sites, time zones, services, appointments, and customers. 

    Approve bookings, mark attendance, and have full control over changes and cancellations.


    Better decision making and productivity

    Enhance your organization’s productivity and collaboration by creating teams, assigning permissions, and making it easy to book internal appointments at the click of a button.

    Team leaders can access real-time information about their team's bookings, which is valuable for making informed decisions, such as allocating services or tasks based on availability at different sites. 


    Manage your communications and availability

    Save admin workload by reading, and sending messages directly from your calendar. Quickly prioritize and respond to important communications with real-time updates. 

    You can also use our AI-powered Smart Messaging feature that automatically shares relevant information with your clients. You never have to pick up the phone again.

    Dealing with reduced capacity? You can easily reschedule your appointments or change your staff’s availability at the click of a button. Give your clients the best in class service by making sure their bookings and communications are always prioritized. 

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