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    An end-to-end visitor experience

    Enhance the visitor experience with the smart and safe way to sign in. Automatically pre-register visitors the moment they book an appointment for a seamless sign in process when they visit your site.

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    Automatic pre-registrations

    With our Sign In App integration, visitors will automatically be pre-registered in the visitor management system from the moment they book their appointment from your online booking page - enabling them to sign in quickly and easily when they arrive.


    Multiple ways to sign in

    Have the option to have visitors sign in at the iPad kiosk in your reception area where guests can sign in using the traditional sign in process or scan the QR code on their pre-registration email. Contactless sign in offers the ability to sign in using their personal smartphone.

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    Easily manage no-shows

    When a visitor signs in with Sign In App at their appointment, their booking will automatically be marked as attended in Sign In Scheduling. If they don’t attend and sign in, they’ll automatically be marked as a no-show.

    “Initially we started to look at getting a visitor management system
    for our offices just to record the sign in of visitors and staff
    so we could see who was in the building at a given time.
    We came across Sign In App and it felt like the perfect fit for us.”
    Louise Schooley, Somerset Care
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    Employee sign in

    Sign In App doesn’t just stop at visitor management. You can also use the app to transform the employee sign in experience. Know exactly who is on site at all times and in the event of an emergency, you can access a real-time evacuation list of all groups signed in.


    Smart integrations for easy data management

    Sign In App can connect with Azure AD, Google Workspace and MIS systems to keep your data automatically in sync at all times, enabling employee sign in and host notifications for when visitors arrive or are flagged as a risk.

    Learn more about the benefits of visitor management software

    Start your free 15-day free trial with Sign In App and discover the many benefits visitor management can bring to your organisation.