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    Reminders and communications

    Make sure your clients and staff never miss a vital appointment again.
    sisc product reminders

    Reduce no-shows by up to 90%

    Sign In Scheduling’s automated multi-channel reminders can help your organization bring down expensive no-shows by up to 90%. 

    You can provide a positive customer experience and build trust through timely reminders, reducing the risk of missed visits and deadlines. Our automated communication system accommodates higher demands as you scale your business, and cater to more clients. 

    Our email, SMS, and voice reminders ensure that your clients never miss an important appointment again. 


    Share important information and reduce admin

    Automatically share booking details such as site address, time of the visit, duration, and “Add to calendar’ links. You can also customize your messages and tailor them to the needs of your clients. 

    Unleash the power of AI with our Smart Messaging feature that answers your clients’ queries on your behalf, freeing up time you would otherwise spend on back and forth communications. 


    Pre-visit check in

    Have a busy site? Say goodbye to queues and provide an excellent visitor experience by letting your clients check in using SMS before their visit. You can easily reduce wait times for your clients as well as staff with a cost-effective and straightforward process.  

    Improve the accessibility of your site as SMS check-ins do not require a smartphone or specific technology, making it inclusive for a diverse customer base.


    Bulk email and SMS

    Sign In Scheduling enables you to run email and SMS campaigns for your clients.

    You can easily share important updates or new regulatory requirements with your clients without relying on an external tool. 


    Watch a demo

    Join our weekly interactive demos and get a sneak-peak of the solutions Sign In Scheduling offers. Register now to get an overview.