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    Helping you make data-driven decisions to provide the best visitor experience.
    sisc product reporting

    Gain real time insights

    Generate real time reports on bookings, messages sent, payments taken, new site visitors, satisfaction responses, bookings per staff, and more. 

    Easily identify busy times, most visited sites and no-show trends using custom reports. 


    Compare your performance

    With Sign In Scheduling, you can track the performance of your sites between two or more time periods, or compare how individual sites performed during a season. 

    Comparing key performance indicators such as no-show rates, most booked services, most booked sites, and wait times has never been easier. You can also generate reports on the feedback you receive from your clients, and make improvements at your sites. 

    These powerful insights can help you make decisions about where to allocate your resources, and grow your business. 

    Reporting with brand cubes-1

    Say goodbye to manual reporting

    Set up and receive automated weekly reports in your email inbox. 

    With an automated report, you can stay on top of your organization’s performance without having to remember or remind yourself to generate one. Sign In Scheduling does it for you. 

    Automated reports enable you to make timely decisions based on your most recent up to date, real-time performance. 

    Watch a demo

    Join our weekly interactive demos and get a sneak-peak of the solutions Sign In Scheduling offers. Register now to get an overview.