What do we do?

10to8 is a Simple, Powerful and Professional Online Booking system that makes appointments happen. We serve any business that revolves around booking appointments, from private surgeons, financial consultantscomplementary health therapists to beauty therapists to tutors and music teachers.

Our Mission

To rid the world of wasted time.

We are passionate about cutting-edge technology and we want to make its benefits available to everyone, bringing it to places where it can have a dramatic impact and improve the lives of people.

Can you imagine a world, where no one missed their commitments? No forgotten dentist appointments, no late meetings, no last-minute cancellations or disappointing no-shows. Can you imagine if coordinating took much less effort, than organising your time now?

That world is possible with intelligent software like 10to8, which makes getting to the right place at the right time just happen. That’s the world we’re building with its customers right now.

Our Founding Story

10to8 was founded in Cambridge by four friends. Bruce – a surgeon – wanted his patients to always know where and when they had an appointment, and what extra services his dental practice could offer them.

In expressing his frustrations, the founders uncovered a hidden problem in Bruce’s business, that applied to all businesses like his. That problem was coordination – how and when customers, clients, practitioners, and professionals manage to get together – something the entire world does, but does surprisingly badly. A problem, a small group of engineers and entrepreneurs couldn’t resist solving.

Before long, the idea developed into an online communications system which manages appointments,business services and cuts the admin time spent managing bookings…10to8 was born.

With extensive research, and the help of some beloved alpha testers across a wide range of services and markets, 10to8 became available to the public in 2014.

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