10to8 Accessibility Suite

Making appointments accessible for everyone.

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Appointment Scheduling calendar to manage your complementary health business and reduce admin

What is the 10to8 Accessibility Suite?

The 10to8 Accessibility Suite is a new set of features provided by our online appointment booking system.

The new suite offers solutions for those businesses, medical practices, schools, and other organizations that share our vision of making appointments equally available for everyone.

And we mean everyone – regardless of age, technical aptitude, access to technology, and level of ability.

10to8 is the only fully accessible appointment scheduling software on the market.

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Who is the 10to8 Accessibility Suite for?

The 10to8 Accessibility Suite is beneficial for any business that wants to provide equal access to all of its customers. The solutions make appointment scheduling hassle-free for non-technical users, disabled customers, and clients that don’t have easy access to online technology. Some of these are…

Medical Practices

Patients with disabilities or a preference for offline technology.

Higher Education

Students who are looking to book disability consultations 24/7.

Banking & Consulting

Clients in rural areas with poor internet connection enquiring on the phone.

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Accessible online booking calendar

The online booking pages offered by 10to8 are WCAG 2.1 AA certified which means that they are accessible for web users with reduced mobility or vision.

With 10to8, clients can use the booking pages to make appointments using just their keyboard and no mouse. The booking pages are also designed for screen readers, for people with reduced vision.

Our public booking calendar and other customer-facing solutions, such as default email messages and the customer dashboard calendar, use high-contrast colors and styling that were designed with accessibility in mind.

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Online Booking Page for Complementary Health Professionals

Automated phone booking system

Scheduling appointments online is not for everyone. That’s why we are offering automated and admin-free phone bookings too.

If you provide services for customers who are not familiar with online technology or simply prefer booking appointments over the phone, 10to8 can automate this process.

How it works; Your customers call a phone number and select a service, staff member, location, and time slot by dialing numbers on the keypad. Then the 10to8 system records their details and the appointment is booked!

No more busy lines and customers dropping off the queue due to long waits. Less pressure on your administrative staff, more scheduling options and better experience for your customers.

Accessible appointment reminders

The 10to8 online appointment booking system is proven to reduce no-shows by up to 90%.

We do this by sending automated appointment confirmations and reminders via email, SMS, and voice.

Our reminders are omnichannel and so they reach your customers the way it best suits them, so you can rest assured that your booking system treats everyone equally.

The 10to8 Accessibility Suite includes…


Omnichannel scheduling

 Allow customers to request appointments online or over the phone 24/7.

Admin-free phone booking

10to8 picks up the phone immediately and can handle hundreds of callers at the same time.

WCAG-certified booking pages

The public booking pages are screenreader-friendly and keyboard navigable.

Omnichannel reminders

Automated SMS, email, and voice reminders for greater accessibility and a better experience.

Voicemail to text message

See voicemails left for your business as text notes attached to the appointment.