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    Powerful and efficient online booking system

    Unlimited Services

    Multi-site Bookings

    Class Scheduling

    Zoom & Microsoft Team Bookings

    Multi-staff bookings

    Website Booking Widget

    Booking Page Themes

    Booking Invites

    Voice Reminders

    WhatsApp Reminders

    Email Confirmations and Reminders

    SMS Confirmations and Reminders

    Multiple Rooms At One Location

    Customize Your Messages

    Bookings at Customers' Addresses

    Multiple Time Zone Support

    Upload Logo and Header

    Multiple Online Booking Pages

    Send Adhoc Messages

    Send Bulk Emails

    Send Bulk SMS

    Customize Your Email Templates

    Customize Your Sender SMS ID

    Voice Bookings (AI-powered)

    Smart messages (Backed by AI technology)

    WCAG Compliant Booking Pages

    GDPR Compliance

    HIPAA Tools

    Single Sign-On

    Multi-Factor Authentication

    Take Online Payments

    Calendar Sync

    Connect 1,500+ Apps With Zapier

    Salesforce Integration

    Booking & Enterprise API

    In-App Chat & Support Library

    Phone Support

    Service Level Agreement Support

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