Appointment Scheduling Service

Loved by over 42,625 businesses worldwide

Appointment Scheduling Service

Loved by over 42,625 businesses worldwide

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No credit card required, free and easy account setup.

The Free Appointment Scheduling Service You Can Trust

With our Free Appointment Scheduling Service, taking and managing appointments is a breeze!

With your free customized 10to8 online booking page, customers will be able to book the services you offer from the free slots you specify.

What really sets us apart is communication. With our unrivalled 2-way online chat coupled with SMS and email reminders, your business will not only improve upon customer communication, but you’ll also undoubtedly reduce appointment no-shows by up to 90%.

Sounds too good to be true? It’s not, simply sign up for our appointment scheduling service today and you’ll be up and running in minutes. 


While you work, 10to8 is busy filling your schedule, finding new clients and reducing last minute cancellations. It encourages your clients to show up on time by reminding them of their appointments and lets you know if a no-show is about to happen. Our customers have seen no-shows drop by 90% or more.

With a 2-way chat built-in to the appointment scheduling service, you can improve communication and customer service, while ensuring at the same time that you are no longer interrupted by phone calls.

Adopting appointment scheduling service, doesn’t only mean more online bookings and fewer no-shows, but also a more professional look and better customer experience.

Appointment Scheduling calendar to manage your complementary health business and reduce admin
Online Booking Page for Complementary Health Professionals


Get a free online booking page which allows clients to easily book and pay for the 1-to-1 or group services that you offer. This gives you a professional image and provides more flexibility for your clients and you as well.

Can you imagine never having to pick up the phone during an appointment and still not losing customers? With our opponent scheduling service, you’ll be available 24/7 without being interrupted while with a client.

You can take bookings from your 10to8 booking page or even add “BOOK NOW” buttons to your website, newsletter or email signature.

6.6 million appointments each year took place on time thanks to 10to8

Read from our users how 10to8 is making a difference to their businesses

These guys get full marks across the board. It seems much more professional and less pushy and loud than most others – and this suits my needs for my professional practice! Easy to use, clean visuals, strong intuitiveness for users…

Mary Jo Macdonald

Owner, Mary Jo Macdonald, Executive Coach

A very good intuitive system. 10to8 gives us an overview of usage and helps manage our resources. It also allows clients to get proactively involved and manage their support time. 10to8 helps reduce missed time slots!

Sudesh Prasad

IT Support, Intrinsiq

Such a life saver! I can’t express how key 10to8 has been in my success. All my clients comment on how great it is when they get reminders. It saves me time and also cuts down the interruptions while working with other clients.

Dorothy Hildebran

Beautician, Kaizen Lashes and Aesthetics

State of the art booking system. 10to8 has managed to put into practice what every one of us has thought out loud over the last few years. A Web-based online booking system for all your booking requirements.

Jean-Luc Benazet

Photographer, Jean-Luc Benazet

With the ability to see an immediate history of all interactions with your client, the synchronisation with external calendars & the Zapier integrations, I am thrilled I kept testing other programs until I found 10to8. I Love it!

Paul Colaiani

Personal Coach, The overwhelmed brain

Easy to use, helps me greatly, keeps my diary up to date and is generally brilliant. My customers find it simple and enjoy being able to book appointments online. I used to use another package but this one is far superior and free!

Saira Francis

Yoga Teacher, Mellulah


Small Business

  • 100 appts/month
  • 2 staff logins
  • Basic Features


$9.6month (USD)
  • 100 appts/month
  • 2 staff logins
  • Premium Features


$20month (USD)
  • 300 appts/month
  • 3 staff logins
  • Premium Features

Bigger Business

$40month (USD)
  • 600 appts/month
  • 6 staff logins
  • Premium Features


  • Bespoke appts/month
  • Bespoke staff logins
  • Premium Features

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Please note that pricing and features may vary slightly in your region. For more information please access the billing section within your 10to8 account.

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