How important are customer feedback forms?

Customer feedback forms play a vital role in improving client satisfaction and your business month on month. How do you know if a customer was happy with the service? Would your customers recommend you to others? In this article, Karl Gjertsen from Infiniforms shares his insights.   Why should I use a customer feedback form? Customer… Read more »

Online Scheduling for Small Businesses

  How do you get found, booked and recommended by your ideal clients–without spending a fortune in fees, training courses and online scheduling software? We offer the best 8 online scheduling tips to succeed as a small business. 1. Set up a professional online scheduling page Every day, people are using the internet to find services… Read more »

How 10to8 boosted webinar attendance by 200%

“Setting up 10to8 online booking doesn’t mean you’re done, you need to think about the customer journey to make the most of it” ~ Marcel Wündrich, Customer support manager at 10to8.      The problem Marcel Wündrich is customer support manager at 10to8. Amongst his responsibilities is to talk to businesses interested in 10to8 to explain all… Read more »

The founder of Physio4Richmond tells how he’s managed to reduce admin dramatically and now has more time for his patients. Denis Murphy is the founder of Physio4Richmond (see his 10to8 booking page here:, operating in London, UK. He qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist and has years of experience treating musculoskeletal disorders in NHS, sport… Read more »

October 2016 Product Update

We’ve listened to your feedback! And this is what we’ve heard: You want to reduce interruptions, whilst getting more new customers. You want to have a professional shop front, and streamline all communications with clients. You want to access all information about an appointment (notes as well as communications with customers and other practitioners) from… Read more »