What causes a no-show? An empirical study

  At 10to8, we continuously strive to learn from how our scheduling platform is used. This way, we can build in features and nudges that will improve outcomes for our clients. We also use these insights to make recommendations in our regular white papers, helping managers of small businesses worldwide make day-to-day decisions based on… Read more »

How Online Booking Can Turn Around a Schedule Disaster

  Running a business is a puzzle best kept intact. But, there are times when chaos hits and it seems like the pieces won’t stay together. Time can be one of those puzzle pieces. And being able to handle that time efficiently can be turned into one of your greatest assets. Having said this, time… Read more »

Whether you run your own private counselling practice, you have a lot on your plate. Much of your day is taken up with patient consultations, but that’s not all. You’ve also got to keep records of patient progress, find a way to manage patient appointments, keep track of cancellations, and figure out billing issues. Trying… Read more »

Does your practice offer online booking? Even if your phone is ringing off the hook, you could be leaving potential new patients out in the cold if you only schedule appointments over the phone. Online booking allows patients to make appointments on their own time and ensures your schedule remains full. There are countless reasons… Read more »

Business is about relationships and they are people-to-people, H2H, human-to-human. The technology exists to help you, not to replace you. We’ve put here some links to interesting articles that we’ve been collecting since we saw this topic being more and more popular for service-based businesses. At 10to8, we believe this H2H approach is the key… Read more »