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How To Turn Instagram Followers Into Email List Subscribers

Every contemporary marketing manager knows the importance of social media platforms like Instagram for increasing brand awareness and creating the urge to buy among customers. Instagram, in particular, due to its mammoth one-billion-plus monthly active user base spread across the world and a very high rate of engagement is the favorite of brand managers.

While Instagram is perfect for engaging customers, the problem of actually converting them to paying customers still perplexes online marketers. Email marketing, even though it sounds archaic can be the perfect complement to social media marketing. Even today, the age-old method of communication remains one of the most effective ways of talking to prospects and delivers an ROI that is way ahead of any other digital mode of communication. However, for email marketing to be effective, it is important to have a large and continuously growing email subscriber list.

By having a vibrant Instagram account, brand managers can engage with followers better and also increase the number of followers who can then be encouraged to subscribe to the email list. 

In this article, we’ll take a look at how you can drive better engagement on Instagram to grow the number of your followers and make them subscribe to the email newsletter.

Engage with accounts

Identify accounts similar to yours in your niche and engage with them. Even before you start posting on Instagram, it is advisable to take the time and effort to study what your competitors are doing to engage their followers. 

Since in the early stages, you are not likely to have too many followers, you can start interacting with the followers of your competition and raise the visibility of your own account. The more you engage with users, who have the profile of your target audience, the more you have the chance to impress them and make them your own followers. 

It is important to engage with high-quality accounts that belong to your specific niche to attract followers who are also high quality. This is an attribute that is just as important as the quantity. For example, if you operate in the fashion industry, you should focus on interacting with fashion designers, fashion influencers, beauty and healthcare consultants, leading labels, etc. to raise your brand’s visibility. 

To discover new accounts of the desired profile, you can check out the recommendations made by Instagram or find the accounts by using keywords or hashtags that are the most relevant to your brand. You can even start engaging directly with the followers of your competitors by liking and commenting on their posts.



Engage with the content

Engage with the content on Instagram both before and after posting. The first hour after you post content is the most important as the maximum engagement happens during this time. In addition, if your post receives a lot of likes just after posting, the Instagram algorithm boosts it in others’ feed as it assumes that users will find it interesting. 

To generate more exposure for your post, you should engage with other content both before and after you publish something on your own account. This will increase the traffic of visitors to your profile who may also like the most recent post that they see. 

Once the visitors show interest in your content, you can start following them and in turn, earn a reciprocal following. The increase in the number of followers will make a solid base for transforming followers into email list subscribers.



Find long-tail hashtags

Implement strategically chosen long-tail hashtags in your posts. Since long-tail hashtags are more specific and reflect the post context more accurately, users searching with them get a far more refined result. This means that your post has a better chance to be seen and interacted. Common hashtags generate lots of results and lead to poorer discovered. The best practice is to use a balanced mix of general and long-tail hashtags.

Quality captions

It is well established that posts with captions on Instagram have the users spending more time on the content. Well-written captions can generate a lot of likes and comments. The increased engagement will be recognized by the updated Instagram algorithm that pushes posts with more engagement up the feed of followers ensuring more visibility. 

Since a good photo caption gives context to the photo as well as expresses its personality better, it is very useful for increasing the engagement rate of the post. You can make the caption crisp and precise or long and detailed depending on how you want to tell the story. It helps a lot if you include a powerful call-to-action to prompt the followers to take a certain action, such as subscribe to your email newsletter via the link in your bio. 

You can even ask a question or tell followers to tag their friends so that your post can gather more momentum and attract more followers. You can use the same tactic when sharing Instagram stories, this is why the stickers are there to help you!


Make posts relatable

Regardless of your industry, you need to keep in mind that posts that show happy people are more appealing than posts without them. According to a recent study, humanized posts get an amazing 38% more likes. So create posts with real people amongst product images. 

The people that you show don’t necessarily need to be your customers, they can be your team members, vendors, suppliers or even models. Posts featuring people come across as more authentic and relatable. Followers are more likely to reward an honest and trustworthy brand with mailing list subscriptions. 


Wrapping up

Now that you have got the ball rolling and are actively engaging with your followers with content that entertains and informs, you can ask them to give something back. Encourage them to take an action, be it booking a call or demo, buying a product or simply subscribing to your mailing list.

You will no longer need to find the best times to post, since your content will land straight in your potential clients’ inbox. This will help you drive more traffic and conversions.

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Pete Campbell is a Social Media Manager at Stormlikes. He has immense knowledge about email marketing and Instagram promotion. He helps his clients gain more exposure, engagement, and likes on Instagram. He loves to travel, write and play baseball.

Pete Campbell

Social Media Manager, Stormlikes

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