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    10to8 custom integrations

    Connect multiple apps and data sources from your business’ workflow to 10to8. Embed our software into your website, build custom flows in Zapier and Microsoft Flow or build integrations from fully-fledged REST API. 

    Generic integrations v1

    Booking Widget

    For simple requirements, you may just want to embed our powerful booking widget into your website. The widget gives you an overview of the business’s services and suggests free slots based on instant sync with the 10to8 back-end and your business’ external calendars. 

    Simply add one line to your website code. 

    Technical features:

    • Offer an unlimited number of services, locations, and staff
    • Customize information that clients should enter
    • Connect to external Google Calendar, iCal, Outlook & Exchange to show your availability to clients
    • Clients and staff get instant notifications and reminders
    • Take credit card payments with no commission (powered by Stripe)
    • Replace 10to8 branding with your own to guarantee professional appearance
    Zapier integrations v2

    Zapier and Microsoft Flow

    The two-way integration with Zapier and Microsoft Flow allows you to connect any cloud app with 10to8 to build powerful solutions without writing a single line of code.

    Technical features:

    • Integrate 10to8 with 500+ cloud apps (MailChimp, Google Docs, CRMs, Accounting, etc.)
    • Trigger actions when new customers are created in 10to8 (such as sending health questionnaires and in-take forms)
    • Trigger actions when bookings are made, as well as at specific times before and after appointments take place
    • Execute actions in 10to8 when actions take place in other apps, such as blocking out time
    Salesforce integration

    Booking API

    The Booking API gives organizations complete control over their 10to8 customer booking flow. It provides complete programmable access to a business’ available appointment slots, details about their staff, locations, appointment types, and the ability to create customers and book appointments. It allows engineers to customize booking flows and implement custom logic to suit their business goals and processes.

    Technical features:

    • Make bookings for your customers against 10to8 accounts and businesses in the cloud
    • Open REST API with fully interactive documentation
    • Retrieve Businesses’ service, staff, location, and customer details
    • Find next available appointment slots and book with customer details

    See how 10to8 compares

    10to8 is the best-in-class appointment booking software. But don’t take our word for it. See how we compare against the top 5 out there.