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    10to8 vs Calendly

    Not sure whether to choose 10to8 or Calendly? Well, for starters 10to8 is scalable, feature-rich and offers out-of-the-box compliance. Also, even our lowest plan lets you take payments online, provides unlimited services and calendar syncs, tracks visitors and includes Zapier integration. 


    Why 10to8 is the best Calendly alternative

    Unlike Calendly, 10to8 is more than simply a scheduling tool. It’s a feature-rich and scalable solution offering advanced security and compliance, such as HIPAA. Also, we have more comprehensive pricing plans that include a generous range of features for small and large businesses alike.

    Reminders with gradient block

    Giving you more of what matters

    Both options manage appointments and calendars online. That’s where the similarities end. 10to8 is a powerful communication tool, including features like automated SMS and email appointment reminders as standard. What’s more, conversations with your clients are shown directly in your calendar, which improves customer communication and service quality.

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    All the features you want in one place

    We don’t like to boast (but we’re going to), however, we have 100+ features, which include 2-way calendar sync and the ability to integrate with over 5,000 apps. You can see the difference by comparing us using GetApp’s independent comparison tool.

    What makes 10to8 better?

    Automated phone

    Get phone support

    Got an issue or query? We don’t hide behind emails. Call us and talk to a real person.

    Event control

    Appointment assignment and control

    Decide who can fulfill appointments - assign all your staff, specific teams or individuals.


    Integrate accounting software

    Don’t keep your finances and appointments separate, integrate them through Zapier and make life easier.

    Reduce no shows

    Cut down no-shows with SMS & emails

    Reduce no-shows by up to 90% with free automated reminders.


    Add unlimited services

    Add all the services that you offer on your online booking page.


    Offer group bookings

    You can set appointments to both 1-to-1 or group bookings.


    Chat with Clients

    Get in touch with your clients via 2-way chat.


    Integrate with 5,000+ apps

    10to8 integrates with all the apps you and your client need.

    Double book

    Avoid double booking with calendar sync

    Never double booking again by setting up 2-way calendar sync.

    Online payments

    Take online payment

    Clients can make secure payments online using PayPal and Stripe.


    Get live reports

    Run regular reports with up-to-date data on staff, services and customers to enable you manage and plan for growth.

    Get 5-star services

    10to8 is loved worldwide and we’re proud of our 5-star ratings across respected review platforms such as Capterra, GetApp, SoftwareAdvice, Google, Reviews.io and G2.

    Start taking bookings online

    Create a custom online booking page, benefit from automated SMS, Email & Voice reminders, and reduce appointment no-shows by up to 90%.