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First things first; Your personalized online booking page

The most crucial aspect of online scheduling is your online booking page. It might be the very first interaction you have with your client. This is where your clients can get to know your business better, and decide where, when and with whom they’d like to book your services. 

With 10to8, you can rest assured that your online booking page looks exactly how you want it to.

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Your Online Booking Page


Advanced Reporting



Make appointments happen for everyone

The online booking pages offered by 10to8 are WCAG 2.1 AA certified which means that they are screen reader friendly for web users with reduced mobility or vision.

If you provide services for customers who are not familiar with online technology or simply prefer booking appointments over the phone, 10to8 can automate this process. We offer automated and admin-free phone bookings. 

Your customers can simply call a phone number, select a service, staff member, location, and time slot by dialing numbers on the keypad. 

Try it for yourself: call +44 740 108 1028 and make a test booking.

We take compliance seriously

At 10to8, compliance is not just an empty word, it is how we do things. Discover more about our secure appointment scheduling software.

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Online Booking Page for Health Care Professionals

Powerful reports = Data-driven decision making

10to8’s advanced reporting tools give you an accurate insight into your business’s performance.

You can run reports on your daily bookings, no-show rates, waiting periods, and more.

No more looking at senseless raw data. Our automated data visualization helps convey your message to stakeholders better through charts, bars, and graphs.

Communicate with your clients clearly and effectively

10to8’s automated email, SMS, and voice reminders have proven to reduce no-shows by 90%. Your clients have the ability to request changes, cancel appointments on time or directly reply to reminders. 

Our two-way chat enables you to build a personal relationship with your clients straight from your calendar. 

Appointment Scheduling calendar to manage your Health Care business and reduce admin