Financial Services Appointment Scheduling Software

Ensuring every customer’s experience is personalised through multichannel bookings and reminders.

A leading US Bank grew its revenue by $100,000 PCM and dropped its no-show rate by 77%, using 10to8.

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Give your customers a consistent experience across multiple channels

Empower your customers to book and manage appointments through their preferred platforms, giving them access to your services quickly and easily.

Reduce their wait times by eliminating queues.

With 10to8, your customers can book appointments through your website, your personalised online booking page, or our AI-powered voice booking system.

Tailor services, location, and staff to your customers’ needs

Make your customers’ appointment scheduling process simple by enabling them to choose the services they need, by location with available staff.

You can also assign custom booking pages for individual staff.

Reduce appointment no-shows by up to 90%

Automate reminders and admin tasks

Reduce customer no-shows by up to 90% by automating email, SMS, and voice reminders.

10to8 helps you reduce time spent on admin by managing appointments across multiple time zones and languages from one central calendar.

“10to8 has been brilliant in helping us access our potential customers and decreasing our no show-rates. We will be expanding this use case in other locations in early 2019.”

– Project Lead, US Retail Bank

Key 10to8 features to help your financial institution succeed

Centralized Calendar

Control the entire organization’s operations centrally. With 10to8’s unified control panel, you can manage all of your business’s locations, services, employees, and integrations from a single dashboard.

Advanced Reporting

With 10to8’s robust, highly customizable reports, you can gain an insight into customer behaviour. Create templates, schedule exports, gain a better understanding of your data, and make more informed decisions.

Customer Communications

Ask automated questions at the time of booking to understand your customers’ needs beforehand. You can automate follow-up messages to collect reviews and encourage repeat appointments.

Security and compliance

We are ISO 27001 certified, we comply with EU and UK GDPR regulations and the CCPA. 10to8 offers tools for HIPAA compliance including a signed BAA in case you are handling medical data (PHI) in the United States.

And we are listed on the DSP Toolkit for NHS Trusts looking for scheduling tools within this data security framework.

All data, in rest and in transit, is encrypted using industry-standard methods. Read about security in more detail and see information about penetration testing at 10to8.

Integrate with your existing workflows

With our Enterprise APIs, you can easily integrate 10to8 into your current IT infrastructure.
You can also immediately:

  • Sync with your existing calendars such as Outlook, iCal, and Google Calendar.
  • Organize 1-to-1 and group virtual appointments such as staff training via Zoom and Microsoft Teams.
  • Take online payments using PayPal or Stripe.
  • Integrate with 1,500+ applications via Zapier.

Some of our success stories…

MoneyPlus has been saving £50k per year by getting rid of 5-9 hours of daily admin tasks.

Money management & legal consultations.

NHS NELFT increased their appointments from 2,000 to 4,000 per week. They started using 10to8 at 200 phlebotomy clinics.

Blood tests and other NHS appointments.