Case Study: Reducing admin & backlogs in the NHS

“10to8 gave us the ability to replace the queue that went down the corridor to a virtual queue” – Eleanor Long at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust.

Eliminating queues at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust were looking for a solution that would help improve the queueing experience for patients in the waiting areas.

With their priorities being around simplicity and affordability, 10to8 was the perfect fit. They were able to transform a walk-in phlebotomy clinic to appointments-only without disrupting their workflows.

Hear from Eleanor Long, the clinic’s Service Manager about the results of implementing the 10to8 Patient Booking System at their NHS Trust.

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2x appointment volume without extra admin pressure at NHS NELFT

The Phlebotomy Department at North East London NHS Foundation Trust had been struggling with organising blood tests effectively until they came across 10to8.

NELFT implemented 10to8 at 200 of their phlebotomy clinics and managed to double their appointment volume. 10to8 helped them scale from 2,000 appointments a week to 4,000.

They took over 100,000 blood test appointments in six months since implementing the 10to8 booking system without additional admin pressure. In fact, NELFT’s dedicated Admin Team responsible for appointment scheduling has been reassigned to other areas to provide better patient care. 

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PPE fittings and antibody test scheduling at NHS Nottingham & Nottinghamshire

NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG urgently required an automated scheduling tool for booking COVID mask fittings at scale.

To avoid the long, manual scheduling process, they started using the 10to8 online booking system. The PPE Manager estimates that 10to8 is saving the PPE team weeks of time. 

Due to the successful run with PPE fittings, the CCG expanded the 10to8 project to other scheduling areas such as appointments for antibody testing and they futureproofed their processes for potential crises like coronavirus.

“I didn’t anticipate how greatly useful 10to8 was going to be, especially in predicting the demand and planning ahead.” – PPE Manager at NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG.

Make appointments happen for all your patients with the 10to8 Accessibility Suite

The 10to8 Accessibility Suite offers WCAG-compliant, screenreader-friendly booking pages, and omnichannel accessible reminders.

It gives all of your patients the ability to book appointments with you regardless of age, technical aptitude, or access to technology.

With our AI-powered automated phone booking system, your patients can book appointments with your trust 24/7.

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Automated Reports for better Data Analysis 

Eliminate the time spent on manually collecting information to present to CCGs.

Get reports on daily bookings, average waiting times, DNA’s, and more.

Share insights with your team at the click of a button with 10to8’s powerful reporting tool.


10to8 is listed on the DSP Toolkit for NHS Trusts looking for scheduling tools within this data security framework.

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