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Case Study: Reducing admin & workload in the NHS

“I didn’t anticipate how greatly useful 10to8 was going to be, especially in predicting the demand and planning ahead.” – PPE Manager at NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG.

Fast & effective 10to8 launch at NHS Nottingham

Adopting 10to8’s automated scheduling tool solved key administrative issues for NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG required urgently for booking COVID mask fittings for staff at scale. Now the software is enabling them to improve service provision across the county whilst simultaneously utilising staff more effectively.

The small team had to book in all the carers to test whether the face masks fit well and will be sufficient in protecting staff as well as patients. To avoid the long and manual outreach and scheduling process, they set up an online booking page.

The PPE Manager estimates that automating this otherwise tedious process is saving the PPE team weeks of time.

Successful onboarding & quick scaling

“Getting started with 10to8 was very easy; I found the software intuitive, everything was where you’d expect it to be. I’ve used many healthcare software solutions throughout my career and some of them are beyond complicated. 10to8 isn’t. I only had to spend about an hour showing two staff members around the product and they took it away from there.” – PPE Manager at NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG.

Due to the successful run with face mask fittings, the CCG expanded the 10to8 project to other scheduling areas such as antibody testing appointments. Care Staff can call the antibody testing call center and the agents can book in the right appointments in real-time during the call.

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More efficient appointment scheduling at NHS NELFT

The Phlebotomy Department of North East London NHS Foundation Trust had been struggling with organising blood tests efficiently and they were looking for a solution that could streamline planning and execution.

NHS NELFT has taken over 100,000 blood test appointments in the last six months since they implemented the 10to8 booking system in the trust.

The 10to8 booking solution is currently saving NELFT approximately 28 days per month.

2x appointment volume with 10to8 scheduling software

Deploying 10to8 and providing staff training took less than four weeks and they managed to expand to 100% efficiency in just three weeks. NELFT has implemented 10to8 in their 200 phlebotomy clinics and with the help of the software solution, they managed to double their appointment volume. 10to8 helped them scale 2000 appointments a week to 4000.

Previously, NELFT had an admin department dedicated to scheduling appointments and working through an enormous email backlog of booking requests. This team has now been reassigned to other areas of the trust to increase sufficiency across other tasks and fulfill higher-level goals. 

Powerful & Secure Scheduling Software At Scale

10to8 appointment scheduling software is trusted by over 50,000 businesses in 109 countries and available in 11 languages.

10to8’s mission is to rid the world of wasted time through our simple, powerful and professional appointment management system. 10to8’s intelligent booking system helps business eliminate no-shows, generate revenue,  and reduce admin.

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We take compliance seriously

At 10to8, compliance is not just an empty word, it is how we do things. Discover more about our secure appointment scheduling software.

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