Patient Scheduling System

Making patient appointments happen. 

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Patient Scheduling System 

Making patient appointments happen. 

Get in touch…

Let’s set up your patient scheduling system together!

Get in touch…

Let’s set up your personalised patient scheduling system together!

Patient scheduling system; Manage medical appointments with ease 

Free your staff from manually scheduling appointments and use their skills to provide best-in-class patient care. Automate the appointment booking process with our powerful patient scheduling system used by healthcare professionals, private clinics, and hospitals worldwide. 

With 10to8, you can view and manage all your appointments in one place. Get rid of lengthy email chains, phone calls, and constant coordination with patients. 

10to8’s email, SMS, and voice reminders ensure that patients turn up for their appointments, reducing costly DNA’s by up to 90%.

WCAG Compliance

10to8 is AA level WCAG compliant. Read our accessibility statement.




DSP Toolkit

10to8 is listed on the Data Protection and Security Toolkit (8KL47).

Fewer DNAs

Each missed appointment cost the NHS £160 – let’s reduce this!

Live reporting

Track performance & gain useful insights for data-driven decisions.

Patient self-service; A new era of patient appointment scheduling

10to8’s custom online booking pages allow patients to choose slots without your assistance, helping you reduce admin and wait times. You can take bookings from your website or set up an auto-reply to the appointment request emails. You can even add ‘Book now’ buttons to your newsletter or email signature.

Availability is simple to set up or change, and you have full control over what you allow patients to book. Modernize your clinic’s booking flow ,improve patient experience and meet growing expectations. 

No more overbooking; Reduce the risk of overcrowding, and make patient appointment scheduling less stressful. Our 2-way chat ensures that doctors and patients are always on the same page. 

Appointment Scheduling calendar to manage your Health Care business and reduce admin

We take compliance seriously

At 10to8, compliance is not just an empty word, it is how we do things. Discover more about our secure appointment scheduling software.

Online Booking Page for Health Care Professionals

HIPAA-compliant patient scheduling software

Are you handling Protected Health Information (PHI) in the United States?

We provide HIPAA security tools to help you schedule patient appointments in a compliant way. Please note that you need a signed Business Associate Agreement (BAA) between your organization and 10to8, before storing PHI in our system.

While you can rest assured that data held with 10to8 is encrypted securely by our modular architecture, which is built on rock-solid open-source frameworks, our HIPAA tools empower you to have additional control over the data that you store about your patients, and how you share this data.

For more information on our HIPAA tools please visit our HIPAA help page or book a product demo to discover more.

Medical scheduling software trusted worldwide

10to8 is a reliable booking system used by hospitals, private clinics, and healthcare organizations worldwide.

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