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    Improve patient self-service and reduce staff pressure

    At Sign In Scheduling, we’re proud to provide healthcare scheduling software to respected public health services like the NHS. Our easy-to-use software is fully accessible for the not fully abled and those not tech savvy. It also provides powerful reporting that removes the red tape from data for improved management of patients, resources and staff.

    Why universal healthcare chooses Sign In Scheduling

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    DNAs reduced by up to 90%

    Automatically send out SMS, email and even voice reminders so patients don’t forget their appointment — proven to cut DNAs by up to 90%.


    Shorter waiting times

    By having more efficient scheduling and significantly less DNAs, you can achieve a better patient experience, improve staff planning and save on resources.


    Improved patient experience

    Give patients a seamless appointment making process that works on any device and makes life easier for them and your team.

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    Be fully complaint

    With Sign In Scheduling, you have peace of mind that all your scheduling systems are fully compliant with relevant legislation.


    Saves you money

    Efficient scheduling saves admin time, allows resources to be used elsewhere and improves productivity — all of which reduces costs.

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    Accessible to all

    Sign In Scheduling is WCAG-compliant and so easy for all patients to use whether old, disabled or simply non-tech savvy.


    Reduced pressure on staff

    With Sign In Scheduling effortlessly taking care of everything, staff no longer have to spend precious time scheduling appointments and sorting problems.


    Works with your systems

    Our scheduling software works in harmony with healthcare systems, applications and across different devices.


    Data insights made easy

    Get in-depth performance data on patients, staff and services for informed decision making, easily.

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    Make appointments accessible to all

    Sign In Scheduling includes an Accessibility Suite that offers WCAG-compliant, screen-reader friendly booking pages and omnichannel accessible reminders. This includes an AI-powered automated phone booking system. This means all patients, regardless of age, technical know-how or access to technology, can book appointments 24/7.


    Trusted by the NHS

    Sign In Scheduling’s healthcare scheduling software is listed on the DSP Toolkit for NHS Trusts looking for scheduling tools within this data security framework. It is also GDPR compliant and ISO 27001 certified.

    See how Sign In Scheduling compares

    Sign In Scheduling is the best-in-class appointment booking software. But don’t take our word for it. See how we compare against the top 5 out there.