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    10to8 vs. SwiftQueue

    Unsure whether to choose SwiftQueue or 10to8? Well, 10to8 is a powerful scheduling solution trusted by healthcare organizations worldwide, including the NHS. It’s also a secure and highly professional solution, that effortlessly manages appointments at scale.

    What makes 10to8 the No.1 SwiftQueue alternative

    Reduce no shows

    Reduce DNAs by up to 90%

    Our patient booking system sends automated SMS, email and voice reminders that have been proven to reduce no-shows by up to 90%.


    Set access levels for healthcare staff

    Specify different permission levels for staff members and restrict system access with Single-Sign-On (SSO) login.


    Remove the red tape from data with live reports

    Run regular or ad hoc reports that give insightful data that can be used for resource management and planning decisions.

    Suport center

    No costly and time-consuming staff training

    Thanks to our intuitive software and the fact that 10to8 syncs with your existing systems and calendars, healthcare staff need little or no training to use it.


    Be Accessible by all patients

    10to8 is WCAG-compliant and offers screen-reader-friendly booking pages, omnichannel accessible reminders and an automated phone booking system so all patients can access care.


    An affordable option that doesn’t lock you in

    Whether you work in the private or public sector, budgets are tight and we pride ourselves on offering a more affordable option. One that doesn’t lock you into a 5-year+ contract.

    “I didn’t anticipate how greatly useful 10to8 was going to be, especially in predicting the demand and planning ahead. 10to8 made everything smooth sailing in what is an unprecedented time. It made a very difficult time a lot easier and we can’t thank 10to8 enough for the free rein to allow us to do what we needed to.”

    Thomas Kinrade, PPE Manager, NHS Nottingham and Nottinghamshire CCG.

    Compliance that puts you first

    At 10to8, we take compliance seriously and put your healthcare services, staff and patients first at all times.

    Like to know more?

    Want to know more about why both public and private healthcare is better with 10to8? Get in touch and we’ll explain.