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    Make Telemedicine appointments happen

    With Sign In Scheduling, arranging video and phone appointments with GPs, physiotherapists or other medical practitioners has never been easier or more efficient. Integrate with Zoom or Microsoft Teams to bring healthcare professionals and patients together.

    Improve telemedicine appointments for patients and staff


    Make all virtual appointments happen

    Sign In Scheduling integrates with Zoom and Microsoft Teams for video appointments from internal staff meetings to online consulting and remote medical appointments.

    Automated phone

    Carry out phone appointments

    Arrange initial consultations and follow-up calls with patients quickly and efficiently.

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    Reduce no-shows by up to 90%

    Sending automated SMS, email and voice reminders is proven to reduce no-shows by up to 90%.

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    Be accessible to all

    Sign In Scheduling is fully WCAG compliant, so any patient, regardless of age, disability or access to technology, can use it.

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    Keep patient information safe

    We comply with HIPAA regulations so if you handle medical data in the US you can rest assured that you and your patients’ are in safe hands.

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    Easily schedule video & phone appointments

    Sign In Scheduling is made for telemedicine appointments. Patients can book via your website, or you can send a private booking link via email. If patients opt for phone calls, the healthcare professional can see the patient's details, such as phone number, name, and notes on the appointment.

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    Access anywhere

    Sign In Scheduling enables you to monitor and assess the health of patients remotely. It also gives you the freedom to successfully carry out diagnoses, conduct interventions and consultations. Plus, you can seamlessly share information across medical centers with Sign In Scheduling’s integrations.

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    Be fully HIPAA compliant scale

    For complete peace of mind, Sign In Scheduling is fully HIPAA compliant and provides security tools to help you schedule medical appointments in a compliant way. You’ll just need to sign a BAA to allow us to securely store PHI (medical data).


    Case study: How CIC Health organized millions of COVID-19 tests with Sign In Scheduling

    During the coronavirus pandemic, CIC Health started repurposing its workspaces to offer COVID tests. With Sign In Scheduling’s help, they have since facilitated 532,000+ tests and 350,000+ vaccinations, providing their services to 375+ organizations across the United States.