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    Vaccination centers

    Mass tests and vaccinations with maximum efficiency

    Sign In Scheduling’s vaccination booking system has been an invaluable tool in the fight against COVID-19 during the pandemic, supporting the organization and management of short term appointments at scale.

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    Reduce no-shows and wasted resources

    Sign In Scheduling doesn’t just make setting up appointments at scale more efficient, it also reduces no-shows by sending automated SMS and voice call reminders. This means you can forecast testing equipment and vaccination dose requirements and avoid waste.

    Sign In Scheduling is No.1 for mass testing and vaccinations


    Forecast demand with live reporting

    Learn about your busiest services and sites, identify bottlenecks and report on performance to direct capacity where it's needed.


    Administer multi-dose vaccinations

    Set up follow-up appointments to ensure patients receive multi-dose vaccinations on time, every time.


    Ensure only eligible patients make bookings

    Send bookings with patient-specific, one-use booking invites that make sure only that individual can make an appointment.


    Patient security you can trust

    Safeguard patient information with advanced encryption that provides bank-rate security. We comply with GDPR and HIPAA, are ISO 27001 certified, and are listed on the DSP Toolkit (8KL47).

    Start taking bookings online

    Create a custom online booking page, benefit from automated SMS, email, voice reminders, and reduce appointment no-shows by up to 90%.