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    Private healthcare providers

    Provide the best patient experience possible

    Sign In Scheduling’s healthcare scheduling software is designed around the needs of today’s busy private healthcare providers and their patients. As such, it provides a seamless patient experience through opening your digital front door that improves efficiency and lowers costs.


    Be fully HIPAA-compliant for complete peace of mind

    Fully HIPAA, ISO 27001 and CCPA compliant, we’re proud to be the trusted medical scheduling solution for healthcare organizations worldwide.

    Why private healthcare providers choose Sign In Scheduling


    Exceptional patient experience

    Give patients a seamless booking process across any device, making their life easier, and building patient loyalty. Keep them informed to reduce confusion and cancellations.

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    DNAs reduced by up to 90%

    Automatically send out SMS, email and voice reminders so patients don’t forget their appointment — proven to cut DNAs by up to 90%.


    Raise efficiency and profits

    Efficient scheduling saves admin time, allows resources to be redistributed and improves productivity — all of which reduce costs. This means you can make better use of existing resources.


    Simplify follow-up appointments

    Ensure the continuation of seamless patient care by making follow-ups quick and simple to book, whilst improving P-SATs.

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    Accessible to all

    Sign In Scheduling is WCAG-compliant and easy to use for all patients whether not fully abled or non-tech savvy.


    Gather feedback

    Show patients they matter by sending automated feedback questionnaires that drive insights and improvements.


    Easy to implement

    Sign In Scheduling is quick and simple to sync with your current systems. It’s also easy to use with no lengthy training needed.


    Use insightful data to plan ahead

    Get in-depth performance data on patients, staff and services for informed capacity and revenue planning as well as optimization.

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    Improve scheduling for you and your patients

    Using our dedicated patient portal, your patients will have the freedom and flexibility to book, view, and update their appointments on any device. They can also add these bookings into their preferred calendar app including Google and iCal.

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    Make appointments accessible to all

    Sign In Scheduling includes an Accessibility Suite that offers WCAG-compliant, screen-reader friendly booking pages, and omnichannel accessible reminders. This includes an AI-powered automated phone booking system. Which means all patients, regardless of age, technical know-how or access to technology can book appointments 24/7.

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    Schedule at scale

    High-volume of appointments and medical tests like blood tests, COVID swabs or vaccinations? No problem! With Sign In Scheduling, your busy clinic can take hundreds of short appointments through an automated booking process. Taking the stress off staff and leaving them free to focus on patient care.

    Find out the ROI of self-service appointments

    Calculate the Return on Investment of introducing Sign In Scheduling to your business. See the impact on staff workload, no-shows and revenue.